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Excitement about new products also is driving up the stock prices of some established drug companies.
Having established its authority, it then names local police chiefs.
The earlier replies to this question established the implausibility of drawing on the zero point energy for practical use.
But they were established with a noble purpose, as places where doctors-in-training could study actual specimens.
Preference will be given to those with established research programs.
More chaotic markets where retailers buy from less established suppliers based solely on price would be different.
Marine life is starting to take its place alongside more established lab animals in medical and basic biological research.
Several studies have established that taller people today tend to live longer.
Butler found them work, established camps and provided food, clothing and wages.
Use low-flow drip-irrigation with a manual shutoff valve for the first year or so, until plants are established.
They watched their employees jump ship for startups, and now established companies are trying to get them back.
Preference will be given to those with an established record in research and teaching.
Cities with established public transport solutions, by contrast, would attract punitive per-mile rates.
They also established a system to water these plots by harvesting water from mountaintop forests.
The findings suggest that the tendency stems from head-tilting preferences established during the last weeks in the womb.
We present art exhibits featuring the work of emerging and established artists.
Established truths are comforting, but it is the mysteries that make the soul ache and render a life of exploration worth living.
We encourage applications from candidates with established records of research and teaching in either of these areas.
Established only three years ago, it is still losing money.
But you haven't established either a trend or a mechanism.
Difficult to eliminate once established add to my plant list.
Review of applications begins immediately and will continue until the job is filled or an adequate applicant pool is established.
In only five years it has established itself in the top ten, but it is not making much money.
The descent of birds from small, meat-eating dinosaurs is by now established.
Mature agaves ocotillo prickly pear cactus and yuccas transplanted from the old yard give the new garden an established look.
It was so harmless, in fact, that no lethal dose could be established.
Careers and canons won't be established in traditional ways.
Established ways of doing this, such as photolithography, use silicon as the semiconductor in the transistors.
Both high-status sociology departments with firmly established reputations and low-status departments.
Established business houses can use their muscle to expand into new areas, sometimes at the expense of newcomers.
If the facts are so obvious, they surely have been established through scientific research.
Elephant's ear is easy to grow and quick to get established.
More important, the large trees made their garden look more established.
Your plants will be well established by the time spring growth starts.
Grows best near coast, where established plants need no irrigation.
In colder part of range, plant in spring to give plants time to become established before cold weather arrives.
Water plants regularly the first year to get them established.
After that, they should be established and will need little supplemental water.
Plant them in full sun, and water regularly the first year to get them established.
Review of applications begins immediately and will continue until an adequate applicant pool is established.
But researchers have now established that the footprints belong to humans.
It is now pretty well established that vaccination does not create autism.
Gift annuities can be established to provide income for the benefit of loved ones and friends.
But by reducing the money available to sign and tout new artists, file-sharing has made it harder for bands to become established.
It will then be up to the relevant community or peoples to apply and give effect to their established decision-making processes.
Established smaller companies want to shift toward clean energy.
When summer- and fall-blooming perennials die down, cool-season annuals kick into gear to fill gaps between established plants.
In that, our libraries are following a pattern already established in their parent universities.
It's always useful to have some sort of established framework to describe results in a new system.
The baseline species counts established by the census have already come in handy.
First, the definition of a battery must be established.
Established plants survive with no supplemental moisture but need deep watering for top-quality nuts.
Established plants get by with reduced moisture add to my plant list.
Water deeply at planting time, then frequently thereafter until they are established.
For chemical control, use a preemergence herbicide to prevent seedlings from becoming established in lawns and around ornamentals.
Several well-established eateries along the way offer hearty meals, quirky specialties, and plenty of local color.
Water newly planted wisterias regularly for the first year or two, until the plant is well established.
Once rosemary is established, occasional deep watering is almost all it needs.
If sugar is added before a coarse foam is established, the whites get too stretchy to make a stiff foam.
Water regularly after planting, then cut back on watering as tree becomes established.
Natives are also easiest to get established when planted in fall.
Has not yet established in the wild, but is a frequent escape in gardens.
Plant divisions and keep them well watered while they're getting established.
The need to study human bones in medicine is well established.
Before the authorities intercepted it, this cache was moving along a well-established pipeline for human skeletal remains.
The casual use of already-established drugs would be restricted.
Preference will be given to candidates with demonstrated teaching ability and an established record of scholarship.
For all the talk of overturned theories, cosmologists have firmly established the foundations of our field.
Many findings challenge and even flout established theories about what is harmful.
They established a baseline of how many trips left from or returned to the lobby.
If a causal relation can be established, then treating gum disease early may prevent hundreds of heart attacks every year.
After a strong connection is established between these neurons, stimulating the first neuron will more likely excite the second.
During embryonic development, the proper ratio of excitatory and inhibitory neurons is established for optimal brain function.
Evidently, human activity enables invasive species to get established in any kind of ecosystem.
First, it has been established that regulating a risky behavior only encourages more of that behavior.
The finding calls two established archaeological theories into question.
It's really interesting the kind of loosely supported unsubstantiated conclusions that can be established by astronomers.
The mission was established as a resting spot for missionaries traveling in the area.
It's always an exciting time when an established adventure cruise operator announces something new.
Ad money lures established media into uncharted waters.
Once a clear distinction has been established, however, it can be reaffirmed for years and years.
The protesters are loosely tied to established opposition parties.
Each innovation adds less to rich-world prosperity than the adoption of an established technology does to a poor country.
The chemical was an experimental derivative of a well-established anti-cancer drug called doxorubicin.
As a matter of fact, it did not so become established.
The bishops and all their officials must be removed and complete equality of ministers be established.
Such new economic developments must be devised and controlled to benefit the peoples of the areas in which they are established.
The privileges of every order, the rights of every individual, rest upon prescription embodied in law or established by usage.
But no cause has ever been established, scientists say.
But to an outsider they seem indistinguishable from the more established manses.
They established security at the museum complex and, huddling with museum authorities, began an inventory of missing treasures.
Once the goal is established, then a communications strategy is established.
Chefs and restaurateurs only qualified if they also established a clear-and, yes, lucrative-brand.
Then, when it had been established that the mango was definitely ripe, near insanity set in.
These new wines, nearly all of them made by established wineries, are sold for high prices in double-thick bottles.
After it was rebuilt, it was so popular that another parish had to be established nearby to handle the overflow.
The growth of his reputation established what has become the familiar pattern for experimental artists.
We had felt ourselves on water, on nothing, but now something stronger and more familiar had established itself.
His place in the curriculum is established, but he is hardly popular as a subject of teaching or scholarship.
He bought his own balloon with money from a fund established to further science and the public good.
Visions of heaven kept the saints to their work till the right of sick people to be cared for was incidentally established.
At large, established companies, doing old things more efficiently becomes more important than doing new things.
Whatever the cause of the disaster, its consequences are well established.
There are several well-established strategies for figuring out the cause, but none are definitive.
But while the source of mad cow disease is fairly well established, no one knows how scrapie infects sheep.
We established better control over his blood pressure.
Some correlations between pathogens and behavior are well established, while others are under investigation.
No detailed records exist of the area's animal population and feeding behavior at the time the park was established.
Now, in any system that's complicated there are some components that are well established.
The auditors found that the scientist had deviated from established procedure.
The team's work established that a transfer of rocks could occur easily and often between planets in the inner solar system.
Even if that's an established fact, though, it raises as many questions as it answers.
In this setting, psychosurgery became established as a standard therapy.
Once established, monotheism surely has a lot to answer for.
Two points on what will become a deadly triangle have been established.
There is the now established belief that the living rather than the dead are being exploited by the undertaking industry.
He also incurs the hostility of both mechanists and mystics and becomes a threat to the established order.
But certain niche uses could help the technology get established.
As they become more popular, established companies and startups will need to expand the range of tasks they can perform.
Cascade has established what it says is the first-ever venture-capital fund created exclusively for robotics.
Personalized medicine does not fit easily into established government procedures for approving drugs.
In addition, they can be established quickly, which is useful for building networks of phones or radios during a public emergency.
It's also forcing established companies to move aggressively to keep their customers.
Established businesses have hotly argued that the patent system needs reform.
The startup has so far established a pilot-scale plant to test the technology by producing one cubic meter of water per day.
However, it was not established that this mutation actually produces an immune disorder.
No matter how established the theory is, nothing should be taken for granted, and everything should be verified.
From the ancestral time the world space research established on blind theory.
We've established a pretty amicable relationship when it comes to sharing comedians.
The boundaries of what was correct and what was not correct had not been established yet.
Or it could be a critical period for an established brand.

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