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Exporters met recently in London to try to establish a cartel to push up prices.
Keeping the plant too wet makes it easier for bacteria or fungi to establish themselves.
His goal was to establish himself as a working comic, not as a television star.
Superstitions establish limits and invokes the imagination.
Students will conclude by writing proposals to establish new marine sanctuaries.
It took years for the tribunal to establish itself.
You cannot establish sound social security on borrowed money.
Everybody wants to fight to establish who they are as soon as possible.
We're looking to establish a tight knit group and so far so good.
It can summarize the article, set the scene, or establish the mood of the story.
But sometimes one city would establish an ascendancy over others and exact tribute from their population.
The first and all-important work to be done is to establish the supremacy of our flag.
They afterward determined to establish themselves there for the winter, and they accordingly built a large house.
The first step in positioning yourself as a researcher is to establish a long-term scholarly agenda.
His complicity or dereliction of duty or innocence in the affair will now be more difficult to establish.
It must nestle everywhere, settle everywhere, establish connexions everywhere.
If the answer is negative, you can indicate your willingness to try to establish one.
But remember that one goal of your tenure-track years is to establish an image of seriousness, focus, and diligence.
Establish guidelines for members' participation and behavior.
Any project is going to change the equilibrium and establish a different ecosystem.
These strays that fail to establish a proper connection will die.
Think of thieves moving through densely packed homes and quickly able to establish new targets outside the heavily policed area.
We wish to establish an operational definition of position for matter.
One simply has to establish a new definition of productivity, such as how many new uses for bricks have been identified.
These ill-defined inventions fail to properly establish the scope of patent protection.
Hopefully, this tragedy will make us as a world establish the true costs of using fossil fuels.
We basically determine all the possible scenarios about the incident and establish what it is that that we're looking for.
Thoroughly study the surface from these vantage points and decide where to establish a colony.
One can't definitively establish the existence of missing heat but cannot rule it our either.
Synthesis of ideas allows us to publicly establish hypotheses for other scientists to attempt to disprove.
We can find evidence to establish with certainty that a claim is false.
To be publishable, the author must establish the case.
The band's mission is to establish a foundation and to present words that are matched, invisibly, to that base.
Rarely does he ask speech to do anything as simple as clarify a point or establish a character's motivation.
And if there is a formal inquiry into the incident, this is what it will undoubtedly seek to establish.
NO publisher has yet been able to establish the criterion of certain success for his literary wares.
It's been my dream to establish myself in the majors.
After installation, they establish a folder to store downloads.
Establish protected areas and park reserves to restrict human influence.
Previous bony-toothed bird fossils included wings dug up in pieces, if it all, making it harder to accurately establish wingspan.
Atomic bomb radiation signatures may help establish a start date for a new epoch.
Antiques, prints, and fabrics establish turn-of-century character.
The crosscutting aspect of my photo work has been used to help establish baseline information for science.
Arguments about whether to establish position limits are incendiary.
It is difficult to establish any archetype for failure from the past two years.
And second, to try to establish an industry standard for sequencing.
Most professionals learned to establish a prudent distance from that world.
But the walls and floor of the cup not only prevent the leaves from escaping, they also establish a second pattern of fluid flow.
The service requires employees to establish a network of trusted peers, mentors and managers whose opinions they value.
It had started to rebuild the fractured economy and establish some semblance of confidence.
Such jargon is not likely to fire imaginations struggling to establish an entirely new market.
The obvious answer is to establish agreed standards for moving data between clouds.
They are ambitious and hungry for consumer goods, often of the expensive and one-off kind needed to establish a new household.
In his spare time he struggled to establish himself as a writer of poetry, fiction and literary criticism.
And the government needs to establish firm control over territory where this is lacking.
Recognition of our fallibility is necessary but not sufficient to establish the concept of the open society.
Former vice presidents, however, need to re-establish their viability.
These small companies in turn establish well-defined, process-based contracts with service companies.
Its much harder to be noble when you're running a campaign that took four years to establish.
Wyler sensed that the gesture, if made with offhand self-possession, would instantly establish character.
Establish a system of mandatory pensions or personal retirement accounts.
All these vaccines await the kind of randomized clinical trials necessary to establish their efficacy.
Furthermore, these friendly relationships that he was so ready to establish did not always end with social courtesies.
The research will use publicly available data and will begin with observational studies to establish baseline normative behaviors.
Together these attributes establish the power of a battery.
In part, that's a way to establish corporate ethnography in the academic world, which still harbors doubts about the field.
It's up to the curators of these events to establish the depth and breadth of who the choose to include.
For example a contaminated sample should not be used to establish paternity.
The real advantage of enrollment is the opportunity to establish personal networks that will help you in business or politics.
Trying to establish faith through science is a great mistake.
Furthermore, discussion groups establish unique norms of linguistic and social behavior so there are biases toward conformity.
While you're in grad school, establish a track record of productivity by writing papers.
Also, there's the pressure on scientists themselves to establish their careers.
For anything more substantial, the scientific community has to establish a system of rewards and incentives.
It is important to establish a presence there to have a backup when our sun becomes a red giant in a few billion years.
Males, by contrast, will seek to establish hierarchies that keep potentially devastating conflicts under control.
Its mission was to help establish rapport with detainees.
It was important for me to establish a connection with the actor.
It must nestle everywhere, settle everywhere, establish connections everywhere.
And if there were a guilty verdict, it would establish precedents that would make other prosecutions workable.
Don't do more than one thing in each hotel, so you can see them all and establish a pattern of constant movement.
He proposes to establish the first employment office himself.
The monkeys were housed in groups of four, automatically prompting them to establish a linear hierarchy of dominance.
With drama, it takes time to establish an emotional connection with the characters.
Establish a decision-free zone for nonurgent matters.
First, the amendment would also need to establish a firm number of justices.
We sincerely find serious partners and establish a long-term business relationship.
Citing another lib columnist does not establish a fact, by the way.

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