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Jars of skin cream still bore the scent of coconuts, and flasks of perfume exuded essence of rose.
The essence of physics lies in the nature of reality.
It is exponentially more difficult now to define the essence of cool.
These bags contain the essence of the past few weeks of my trip.
The essence of memory is linking one thought to another.
Hypocrisy is the essence of snobbery, but all snobbery is about the problem of belonging.
In essence, his designs are little more than a muddle of everyday objects.
In essence, Aaron asks how humans can see that which is invisible, infinite and indescribable.
And some words capture the essence of a news event, a phenomenon, a time.
We try to make a book accessible by capturing the essence of the romance, rather than faithfully depicting the book's contents.
At its essence, this situation wasn't about ideology.
On a novelty item like this, price is of the essence.
Nothing beats the flavor of a ripe, homegrown tomato-it's the pure essence of summer.
Using natural light and organic materials also blends the essence of the outdoors with the indoors.
The end of the road is seldom accompanied by teeming civilization, which is the essence of its seduction.
That, in essence, is the philosophy behind the simple structure pictured here.
In essence, it's the prototype for the new botanical garden.
In essence, landscape is the biggest artifact that any culture creates.
When a painter becomes celebrated, this evidence takes on an aura, as if invested with the essence of genius.
Creating the essence of such a moment through a dramatic device has its place.
Stratigraphy, in essence, is the science aimed at unraveling this four-dimensional puzzle.
The right way was dictated by the computer's calculator essence.
In essence the cloud model is evolving as one of the core models for delivering services.
Focalization, concentration, of consciousness are of its essence.
As the two kids literally get dumber, the action and music convey the essence of devolution in a compact cinematic statement.
In essence, they want to decipher the cortical persistent differences between high-delayers and low-delayers.
Bandages and ointments infused with essence of maggot may soon be coming to a drugstore near you.
In this gallery, get tips on how to capture the essence of urban spaces.
Time is of the essence-it will all be over in a few short hours.
Any wild elephant group is, in essence, one large and highly sensitive organism.
Relationships between the living and the spirits are the essence of voodoo.
To create any good picture, you must know your subject to be able to capture its essence.
The blob sculpin's name may not be flattering but it does capture a bit of the animal's essence.
Try adjusting the shutter speed to bring out the essence of an element.
When he died, his divine essence was believed to move on to another bull, and so a search for the new one began.
The art of music has been the essence of his life since then.
Nor does the problem lie with the puffery essence of press releases.
Where those limits are, and how large a population the world can sustain, is the essence of the debate.
For lenders, transforming capital into debt was the essence of business.
They need to see learning as the essence of life--as what makes life both possible and meaningful.
Prepare by having practiced a two-minute answer that explains the essence of your work.
Rightfully so, they are in essence cutting into their profits and basically creating a significant market share for itself.
Rituals and ceremonies in which people acted out or danced the essence of animals have been practiced since human time began.
The circuitry of our brains does not all converge on one point where the essence of ourselves can sit and ruminate.
The burgeoning world population with it's own energy demands suggests time is of the essence.
In essence, the application asked for a patent on the exclusive use of the computer code representing the germ's genetic code.
Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit.
They were the indefinable essence of our many different cultures and societies.
These accidents are caused by essentialism, our ability to identify the essence of something pleasurable.
So music is of the essence of thought and mental action.
There were no reasonable alternatives and the headline in essence provided the impetus for the article.
Saying that the second law applies for such systems shows profound ignorance for the essence of thermodynamics.
With the rapid integration of apps into routine health care, however, time seems be of the essence.
In essence, the fluids can act as lubricants between two abutting rock faces, helping them to suddenly slip along the boundary.
It is enough for us to have an abstract, the essence that is needed to process the information and relate it to others.
The homey yellow cake here is studded with wedges of them, their summery, sunshiny essence set off by a trace of nutmeg.
In essence, it is the cheese to choose when you want to taste your burger.
The alcohol macerated the fruit, extracting its sweet-tart essence.
The result isn't as thick as a regular shake, but it is rich and effervescent and candy-land sweet-essence of soda fountain.
Gifts and alms are the expressions, not the essence, of this virtue.
Another distinction is perhaps better calculated to meet the essence of the matter.
The essence of an artist is that he should be articulate.
The essence of a republic is representative government.
The essence of the system is the circulation of a fluid such as ammonia or propane.
In essence the cortex is doing no more than conditioning sensory sub-patterns to produce each other.
They were researching plastic batteries a decade or so ago, in essence the whole car body could be a battery.
The essence of disruptive innovation is lower performance, lower cost, and higher convenience or higher ease of use.
It is difficult to overstate the extent to which modern stock traders have become, in essence, cyborgs.
In essence, he wants to crowdsource the task of music discovery.
In essence someone who can take advantage of the common aspects of what you have to work with.
Finally, here's a really easy way to visualize the essence of the entanglement argument.
In essence, it's the study of meaning or the differences between meanings of words or symbols.
The energies made the dimensions, and as derivatives were created so the essence of the universe was created.
In essence, food costs are rising and will continue to rise as food sources are sold at oil equivalent prices.
In essence, property should be a safe source of diversification.
But it was understood to be justified especially in treason cases, and where time was of the essence.
In essence, if not degree, it is not so different from conventional policy.
Water was vital to life, and life's sacred essence, ever since the first pre-primordial life existed billions of years ago.
In essence, the grey economy consists of legal activities whose participants fail to pay tax or comply with regulations.
In essence, it would be a giant cable reaching tens of thousands of kilometres into space to an orbiting satellite.
In essence, they are an opportunity for a defendant to make a plea in mitigation.
In essence, he was questioning a basic building block of modern banking.
The government argues that the exit is in sight and will come, in essence, by sticking to the plan.
In essence, these are bets on which way the oil price will move.
Admittedly, this is a rather simplistic view but it captures the essence of the deleveraging debate.
It captures the essence of a creed that so often decries change, but has proved remarkably adept at surviving it.
What has not changed is the essence of this publication: predictions, some of which may even turn out to be right.
After all, children playing is the essence of summer.
The homegrown tomato is the essence of flavorful summer cuisine.
Such moments reveal the essence of people's characters and thus make for dramatic stories.
They want to sound good and attractive and stimulating and in the process forget to represent who they are in essence.
The essence of positional goods, and the reason they cost so much, is their exclusivity.
The essence of beauty, the origin of beauty, is a reason for being.
The decision problem asks, in essence, whether reasoning can be reduced to computation.
Many were, in essence, lavishly paid bureaucrats-caretakers more than creators.
For the essence of the poem is a spiritual quest, the effort to find the divine trace in a degenerate world.
Taking a position, which had become the essence of that discourse, demanded impenetrable certainty.
These and related questions touch on the essence of the relationship between governors and governed.
Ultimately, they had to declare war on life itself and its innermost essence.
In essence, corporations get to choose the yardstick by which they measure the profits that they publish.
It's all right to drill down to an essence of character and reveal it in quick, telling strokes.
His populism is brilliantly engineered and inspiring in its eloquence-and, for all that, in its essence deeply familiar.
They plan to bring, in essence, a whole new planet into view.
In essence, he wanted to build a model without knowing what he was modeling.
The essence of a calibration process is taking a measurement and placing it on some scale.
But that doesn't get anywhere near the essence of taxi-ness.
In essence, each amputee's brain reshaped his understanding of where his body was.
Basically it tells you how many collisions you've had, in essence.
He breaks off a leaf and inhales the essence of peppermint oil.
And it's the craving-the compulsion to use the drug despite its adverse consequences-that's the essence of addiction.
He understood about getting at the essence of things.
She reflected the essence of what he considered important.
Everything is serene, soft, seemingly the essence of artlessness.
In essence, it's a metaphor for these dogs outside the security industry, especially when they lack expert handlers.
It's really about capturing essence before anything else.
But his long trombone lines were more than trickery or showmanship: they were the melodic essence of his art.
Anything that wasn't taken would be, in essence, abandoned.
The essence is knife-sharp pragmatism wedded to soldierly selflessness.
That, in essence, is the concept called proximate commuting.
Finding essence in a single image is a challenge, yet somehow our photographers manage to do it again and again.
Greed clarifies, cuts through and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit.
Skunk essence can be purchased from trapping lure dealers.

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