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Example sentences for espresso

His solution was to create a pseudo-espresso of sorts by adding significantly less hot water to the pouch than was directed.
Bold, striking vanities and cabinets are shown in maple espresso.
For fun, top these airy coffee cookies with a single espresso bean.
For deep flavor, try this version made with espresso powder and dark chocolate.
But this fleece-loving city that launched the grunge music movement and a national espresso craze is no backwater.
And then there's always a shot of espresso or two to jumpstart my dead battery.
The waitress who took my order for an espresso wasn't, she said, really a waitress.
These espresso machines can make anything from a plain cuppa joe to a fancy-pants latte.
It would introduce new blends and better espresso machines.
Here cameras track me to the elevator, down past the magazine stand and the espresso bar.
In another small bowl, combine cocoa and espresso, whisking in milk until creamy.
People can enjoy different festivals throughout the year, browse through art galleries and stop at cafes for espresso or gelato.
There is also an espresso bar that serves fair-trade organic coffee every morning.
Along with its namesake cappuccino, the cafe also serves gourmet coffee and espresso.
The complex also features a bookstore, exhibitions and an espresso bar.
Lunch and dinner are also available at the restaurant, as well as coffee, cappuccino and espresso.
Sample both with a cappuccino or espresso at one of the numerous outdoor cafes in the city center as you watch the world go by.
The ground-floor bar area also serves snacks, sandwiches and everything from an espresso to a pint of bitter.
Multi-million-dollar health clubs with tanning facilities, espresso bars, and lit palm trees.
As an example he cited the switch from hand-operated espresso machines to the automatic variety.
Most of them had never run anything more complicated than underground presses and espresso machines.
The chain closed every store for a day to teach the staff to make a better espresso.
The casing of milk chocolate flecked with tiny bits of espresso-grind coffee sets off the filling without dominating it.
The idea is to offer drinks and a wider variety of savory food that will attract customers after the morning espresso rush.
Go ahead, order that latte with a double shot of espresso.
Hyped on the genuine espresso and cappuccino being served, they stared as though they might never tire of looking at it.
We loved the surprising combination of blackberry and espresso.
Anyway, their espresso is also perfectly lovely, if a little thin on flavor.
Two stealth ingredients make this dessert different: unsweetened coconut milk and instant espresso powder.
Galleries and espresso bars have gradually encroached upon adjacent neighborhoods, and change is inevitable.
If you have coffee after a major meal, it's espresso.
Lately, though, we've had a taste for a variation: ice cream with a shot of espresso.
It comes in four different shades of wood from dark espresso to white, which helps it match a variety of décors.
Registrant's espresso machine is used to make cappuccino, a particular type of coffee made with espresso.
There are limited opportunities for organic espresso coffee, and decaffeinated espresso coffee.
Mobile cart operations with espresso are included in this risk category as are mobile trucks with frozen foods or meat.
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