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In fact, the spies were not even successful enough to have espionage charges brought against them.
The game modes would have a sort of espionage theme that would be reflected in the type of modes that you play.
It seems to have been quite a departure from your espionage novels.
Over the last 12 months, my professional life has had more action than an espionage thriller.
He was arrested for espionage.
This real-life spy thriller unveils a major chapter in Soviet espionage.
It is difficult to provide evidence of espionage, given its secretive manner.
Country hopping and border crossings are a classic espionage novel device, but Cumming makes it all feel fresh.
The jury was unable to reach a verdict on an eighth espionage count.
Then, just as he's in the midst of doing so, he's nabbed and charged with espionage.
Some experts say that the real danger lies in confusing cyber espionage with cyber war.
The disclosure comes amid heightened fears of state-sponsored espionage targeting corporate computer networks.
They served mostly as mercenary agents of espionage and as spies.
Absent are blood and guts and the vrooming freeway hunts of espionage convention.
Cobb runs a dream team of mindbending espionage agents, true inside operators.
One may still wonder perhaps whether the divergence of political loyalties really goes to the length of espionage.
The traitor must fear arrest for the rest of his or her life, as the statute of limitations does not apply to espionage.
Communists, espionage in various branches of the government.

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