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You have to be especially charismatic and inviting.
The famous horses of Ferghana were especially valued .
Oysters are nutritious and of easy digestibility, especially when eaten raw.
The window for movie licensing is very tight, and the window for publishing especially is getting tighter and tighter.
Quite a revolutionary concept, especially in the early 1960s.
The use of wood, especially walnut and mahogany, was a main design feature of that era.
Getting flu shots to more people, especially health care workers in geriatric facilities, also keeps unvaccinated people safer.
This isn't especially surprising, but it is worth mentioning.
The plant is especially showy in a glazed chocolate brown pot.
The pictures are especially convincing.
Created especially for steak, this simple rub brings out the succulence of the meat.
Renovating a garden can be a challenge, especially for first-timers.
Installing some elements proved especially challenging.
Botanical prints are an endless delight-especially the old ones.
Bees either focus on gathering nectar or on gathering pollen depending on demand, especially in social species.
The skin of the leg is thin, especially on the medial side, and is covered with numerous large hairs.
Keep an omelet pan especially for omelets, and see that it is kept clean and smooth.
They increase during pregnancy and especially after delivery, and become atrophied in old age.
His book had an abundant popularity, especially along the frontier which it satirized.
The medial is less marked, especially at its upper part, where it is crossed by the femoral artery.
The lymphatic plexuses are especially abundant around these patches.
One needs neither to be especially good at arithmetic nor paranoid to realize that they're dubious.
Especially in difficult situations, the caliber and integrity of these people will be key to your success and your happiness.
Consequently the questions, especially in the math sections, were far easier than in more up to date tests.
Please do not write in bullet points, especially if you're in a field that cares about writing.
Expulsion is out of balance, especially when you consider that other law breakers are allowed to stay.
It's part of the game, especially for a national search.
And they are especially useful in situations where users don't want to completely concentrate on a task on the screen.
Brick buildings with foundations of unreinforced masonry, especially those standing on land fill, proved especially vulnerable.
Sadly, navigating your way from source to source and station to station is awkward, especially without using the remote.
Bonobos have an impressive vocabulary, especially when it comes to snacks.
Such elaborately decorated conveyances were reserved for the shogun's family, especially his brides.
History often plays linguistic tricks on us, especially when it comes to rapidly changing technologies.
Our collections are especially useful in proteomics, the study of the structure and function of proteins.
None of the proposed cases is especially well supported.
Its technical precision amazes modern architects and engineers, especially in light of the available resources.
Letter-writing and diary-keeping were unusual, especially for commoners.
The public had simply reached the point that cutting of old-growth, especially by clearcutting, was not considered acceptable.
Therefore, the pattern of oceanic winds should matter a lot to their survival, especially during breeding season.
Doctors, especially respected and revered, made house calls.
The prime minister has tended to take the side of producers-especially the public-sector unions-rather than consumers.
Its decline has been especially marked against the euro.
As use of the ballot box has spread, especially to poorer parts of the world, tariffs have fallen.
The questions they pose, especially those surrounding the popularity of the consumption tax, have been maddeningly vague.
Yet the underlying economy has also weakened, especially in the housing market.
His idiosyncrasies, especially his distaste for the piano, and his sometimes savage sarcasm vexed some of the composers he backed.
Corruption started creeping up, especially in some ministries and municipalities controlled by his coalition partners.
Despite the violence, foreign investment is pouring in, especially to the motor industry.
Their economies have become interlocked, especially in the past decade.
For independent investors, farmland is an especially attractive option because it can offer relief from several burdensome taxes.
But the latest ruling adds pressure in an especially sensitive area.
While an open mind is a must, remember also not to get lost in the crowd, especially when it comes to career choices.
Polyandry is largely confined to fish and birds, especially waders and shorebirds.
Most visitors get little feeling for local cultural values, especially of indigenous peoples.
They are especially prevalent in tropical forests, where they may be up to half of all the insects living in some locations.
But it could transform the future of computers, especially in pharmaceutical and biomedical applications.
Acid rain also damages forests, especially those at higher elevations.
The oceans, especially the newly formed shallow interior seas, teemed with diverse and abundant life.
But few people doubt that second homes are an integral part of global tourism, especially in rural areas.
With the dog days of summer upon us, things are heating up, especially cars and buildings with windows to soak up the sun's rays.
But for people with depression, getting a call can help them feel better-especially when they are in the midst of a low day.
Scholars in the behavioral sciences, including psychology and animal behavior, may be especially prone to bias.
Few mortals could stick to that harsh a regimen, especially for years on end.
Here are the symptoms: pain or numbness in the hand-especially the pinky and ring fingers.
The field may actively help regulate how the brain functions, especially during deep sleep.
The planet does lose some heat through the processes that drive plate tectonics, especially at mid-ocean ridges.
Digital health care apps, especially via smart phones, are offering users unprecedented control over their health behaviors.
If you are not too familiar with science, especially climate science, you might find some of the book's figures off putting.
The menu varies daily, but any seafood dish will do the trick, especially the steelhead trout served on a bed of lentils.
The first was that food could be dangerous, especially to those who loved it.
Even rents and housing prices are on the rise, especially in communities that are close to successful upstarts.
The amygdala is involved in emotional regulation, especially of fear and aggression.
If your plans include tomatoes, especially heirlooms, it's worth considering ways to fortify them.
Low-lying, thin stretches of beach are especially susceptible to destruction.
He couldn't simply drop everything for a run at show business, especially not when he had college in his sights.
Change--especially nationwide change--is a slow-moving train.
Over the past thirty-five years, and especially over the past ten, that top-end skewness has greatly increased.
Green technology, especially in automobiles, may get a big boost from higher fossil-fuel prices.
The bed was narrow, and in the dark he became even more aware of the heat from her back and her legs, especially her legs.
They are dangerous, especially when racing east to catch a sunset.
Hugger-mugger is part of life, especially under modern political conditions.
But first they were to watch a short film, made especially for the occasion.
But whether electric vehicles become popular depends on improving the technology, especially by developing better batteries.
The photonic crystal reflects more light than the aluminum does, especially once the aluminum oxidizes.
Mobile users could be especially vulnerable to such tricks.
He was one of those rare scientists, especially rare for chemists, who captured the imagination of a wider audience.
Or simply find something to balance your camera on, for that especially tough shot.
But humans in general are highly suggestible, especially when things aren't falling into place.
But there is something especially ballsy about altering the timbre of one's voice for a role.
Especially when, as at this stage, they didn't even know where the primary source was.
But no crisis, especially one of this severity, recedes without leaving a legacy.
To see how different these people are from the roles that they're portraying-especially when the characters happen to be vampires.
It also describes the life of a princess, especially a princess by marriage.
All the action sequences, especially the fight scene.
Sometimes that works out fine-especially for actors playing super-villains or psychopaths.
As a director-especially as a first-time director-you almost can't end up in a luckier position.
Put it this way, there is blood-especially in the second half.
It depends, especially professionally, on the requirements.
Broken relationships forced by transfers between zoos can be especially traumatic for the social and highly intelligent animals.
The fact that she had new-onset diabetes raised a red flag for me, especially because she was so thin.
Their bodies bore strange white spots, especially around their noses.
Each drum, known as a dry cask, houses especially unwanted cargo: spent nuclear fuel.
Naturally occurring forest fires, especially in warm and dry years, also release methane into the air.
The natural world, especially the ocean, keeps us alive.
There are more myths about the swine flu, of course, especially about the vaccine for it.
Your mileage may vary with your own location and time, and especially date as the comet is zipping along right now.
And indeed people had done exactly that, especially ten years ago when the century turned: see representative lists here and here.
Such cloaks could be especially valuable around homes in the world's malaria zones.
Tobacco plants are good subjects because they must be especially agile with their defenses if they are to survive.
The process is inevitable, especially in these days of rising partisan contentiousness.
Their populations are rising fast, especially in the developing world.
We've heard a lot about the health benefits of tea, especially green tea.
It's so simple and easy to carbonate anything, especially liquor.
As the recession deepens, luxury sales are moving into the discount arena, especially online.
Parents have a sense that they should be intervening, especially with younger children.
Occasionally on a warm winter day, a chipmunk will venture outdoors, especially near bird feeders where food is abundant.
Your spiritual practices clear your mind, especially on your birthday.
Not standard lamp materials, but nothing he creates seems especially obvious, as he will tell you.
It truly has been breathtaking, especially over the past month.
Both managers worry that the infrequent action will affect the timing of their players, especially the hitters.
He opened up new literary possibilities, ways of seeing and describing the world, especially the non-Western world.
We devote much of the book to the plan's specific projects, especially the impact of roads and the agriculture that follows them.
There is nothing especially unusual about the missiles they carry, and even the largest models are relatively lightly armed.

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