escarpment in a sentence

Example sentences for escarpment

Century barn a winding road down the escarpment to the water.
Water runs down an escarpment towards people's homes below.
From the harbor level the town rises to an escarpment that drops to the sea.
There were no sounds, except an evening wind whipping up the escarpment.
Farther inland, every sandstone and limestone escarpment is the color of bone.
The top of the escarpment was composed of crumbling columns of hardened lava, the bottom a steep incline of rock and scree.
It also appears to be not as steep as the opposite escarpment.
They are standing on the escarpment, by a sharp drop.
We began picking our way up the rippling sandstone escarpment, now turning red in the afternoon sun.
The steep gradient includes waterfalls, where the streams drop over the escarpment.
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