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And while many escaped without major damage, some reported extensive flooding in and around campus buildings.
There's a big difference between the two, which apparently escaped your notice.
One night, a small sigh of pleasure escaped my lips at the dinner table.
When long-lived and standard roundworms were exposed to pollutants, cells from the former escaped relatively unscathed.
Many people escaped, and many who could have evacuated the threatened cities stayed behind for one motive or another.
Several police cars versus an armored cars filled with escaped convicts.
Another is that a moon did form and drifted outward to the point that it escaped altogether.
It has two probable escaped asteroids as moons with one on a collision course and the other moving slowly away.
Overcome by anxiety and dread, she excused herself from the dinner table and escaped to the bathroom.
He divided the rope in half, tied the two parts together, and escaped.
And the possibility of disaster if one of these early engineered forms escaped and spread.
And these wild pigs all come from escaped domesticated pigs.
Such an effect would have been discovered ages ago, and could not have escaped thousands of scientists for centuries.
And the subsequent list of many varieties pre-famine seems to have escaped you.
Lewis escaped with two suitcases full of photographs, newspaper clippings, and a few small artifacts from his museum.
But here its policy is fortunately inconsistent, and so a number of fine old names have escaped.
How these properties of ropes have escaped attention is a mystery, given they've been around for so long.
It must have been particularly dull to have escaped observation before and after its close approach.
No one who worked for him ever again escaped the feeling that he was there looking over one's shoulder.
But some words that fail to meet these criteria have always escaped the epithet.
Mama's face was flushed, and her hair escaped its bun to curl in damp tendrils as she dished up the breakfast plates.
When he beat her so badly she thought she might die, she escaped to seek a neighbor's help.
Slum tourism turns poverty into entertainment, something that can be momentarily experienced and then escaped from.
Language might not have entirely escaped its origins.
But if some cells remain in the uterus or have escaped into the bloodstream, the hcg level resumes its rise.
Her husband had escaped with the snowshoers, leaving her alone with their two small children.
Only if the material actually escaped the containment vessel, then there might be danger to anyone.
Having said that, there are reports of some radioactive materials from the reactor having escaped.
Someone threw a brick through her living-room window and stole her cell phone, but she escaped out the back door.
The rising cost of food in general is now pushing millions back into the poverty from which they only recently escaped.
Yet one group has escaped from this general cynicism: entrepreneurs.
Although some gangsters escaped the siege via storm-water drains, others are reported to have been ferried out in police cars.
He escaped and, renouncing politics, returned to university.
By the same token, if he escaped after making a mistake, the rock had merely let him get away with it.
Equally remarkable, the tax cut has escaped disfigurement from business lobbyists looking for special-interest tax breaks.
So far the country has escaped the damage seen elsewhere.
She escaped and told hotel staff, who called the police.
By doing so he deliberately plunges back into the contingency, risk, and moral uncertainty that he had temporarily escaped.
Pickett was eventually conked by a bottle thrown from the stands, but all escaped.
But the program has not escaped criticism from government watchdogs.
Authorities didn't release any information about how he escaped or where he was captured.
Four other people in the house escaped without serious injuries.
But those stem from a bigger problem that has largely escaped notice: the mystery of why he's running.
They escaped violence at home by sleeping outside and eventually left home altogether.
As the novel begins he has escaped and is busy killing people.
The fact that she escaped makes her unique, but what makes her truly extraordinary is that she went back.
Both had been born to peasant families and felt called to examine the poverty they had escaped.

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