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Others counter that tracking mild symptoms is important for preventing their escalation into more severe illness.
While this doesn't guarantee a future with no disturbances, it surely would stop many from escalation.
There's a real risk of out-of-control escalation in the pirate war.
But they were facing a master strategist who understood the power of escalation.
Workers can opt out if they don't want auto-escalation.
But the risk of escalation into conflict has seemed limited.
The seizure of e-mails marks more than the escalation of a probe in which until now the gumshoes have trodden lightly.
They are often unable to counter excessive price escalation when they want to, as at present.
The market must fear this will cause a sharp escalation in the currency wars.
The clashes are an escalation of skirmishes that began earlier this year.
The logic of confrontation implied an escalation of violence.
It must be stressed that this is a deterrent and does not necessarily have to mean an escalation.
The unrest might have petered out but for an unexplained escalation.
With one the maintenance will cost a lot, with the other the escalation will cost about the same amount.
The possibility of nuclear escalation makes attacking those shore-based targets tougher.
Lately he is seeing a marked escalation in patients with psychiatric problems turning up in the emergency department.
The escalation in random violence, especially among adolescents, has generated a hunger for explanations.
And, all are subject to dose escalation and the attendant effects on one's daily activities of living, aka dependence.
Even before the major escalation, the war was being fought for abstractions.
The cycle of indifference requires intermittent escalation, ever more lurid sequels.
Even more troubling was the escalation of violence against civilians.
The technical device of a built-in exit might be superseded by the political reality of a built-in escalation.
He seemed deeply oppressed and concerned at the prospect of indefinite escalation.
When the desired result isn't obtained, a new set of experts then comes forward with talk of a little escalation.
Regardless of the question-marks over the plot, it could well prompt a serious escalation in an already tense standoff.
Victims are a crucial part of the escalation of bad public policy.

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