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Most of the world's volcanoes probably erupt under the oceans.
Our patience may also dry up when, week after week, new troubles erupt.
Attempt to impose a new order from the outside and violence is all but sure to erupt.
Huge flames erupt beneath your rocket as it blasts off.
Also, see how scientists are learning to predict where, when and even how the next blazes will erupt.
But exactly when the caldera will erupt is difficult to predict.
But they erupt rather different compositions of magma, which is harder to reconcile with a single source.
Blisters form on the lips but may also erupt on the tongue.
Leaders worry that crises will erupt when governments are not on top of events.
So the switch to volcanoes that erupt above water might have allowed oxygen to build up.
We've got more on why volcano monitoring is important and what causes a volcano to erupt.
The terrific noise it emitted was an explosion which made it erupt several fragments of volcanic materials.
However, the seismicity doesn't necessarily have to be magma moving up to erupt.
Heart attacks and strokes brew in the predawn hours and often erupt after sunrise.
Despite the reprisal bombing, gun battles continued to erupt at flash points.
The volcanologists went into the volcano to learn how to predict when it would erupt.
Fights could erupt at a moment's notice, over females in heat or territory, but mostly over food.
The next genocide may erupt in a place or in a manner that no one predicts.
Despite major advances in technology in the last two decades, the ability to predict when a volcano might erupt remains elusive.
The authorities may well have feared water-related disputes might erupt during the games.
It is amazing to watch a volcano erupt and to experience how new land forms.
Even then, security is still dicey around the edges of the district, where skirmishes frequently erupt.
Volcanoes are full of surprises-dangerous ones that spew out when they erupt.
As many of these branches are revived for the campaign, trench warfare is likely to erupt over the succession.
The situation, which may now be defused, could erupt again.
Rashes erupt everywhere, itching so badly they seem to live inside his skin.
And the subject is feelings: managing your own and those that erupt in relationships.
The volcano has begun to erupt after a brief hiatus.
Fights that erupt under pennant pressure are not unusual, but they are always fist fights.
Submerged volcanoes spew a different set of gases than those that erupt into the air.
Sooner or later, the gas is going to erupt with potentially deadly effect.
They are constantly twitching about, and giving out half-screeches or chips before they erupt into a full screech.
Convene administrators, and tales of lazy, irresponsible faculty members soon erupt.
Voices were raised, tempers spiked, and one shocked secretary told me later that she thought that a fistfight was about to erupt.
Major decisions would be put off for weeks until suddenly she would erupt, driving her staff to panic and misfire.
Wealthy poets hired actors to deliver their lines and professional applauders to erupt into praise at key moments.
Geysers may occasionally erupt, shooting plumes of gas and ice many kilometers above the surface.
When they do that they enter a world of constant posturing and networking that threatens to erupt into violence at any moment.
And reports of vaunted new therapies regularly erupt in the press.
Near sunspots the magnetic field lines get tangled and can suddenly erupt, hurling that energy into space.
Silvery flashes and splashes erupt from thousands of small herringlike fish called menhaden.
Plumes of toxic gas frequently erupt from the ocean floor.
These are bursts of hot plasma that episodically erupt from our sun and journey outward at high speeds through the solar system.
They were odd, gritty flowers that seemed to erupt rather than bloom.
But still, that's fanning the flames they must have known would erupt.
He'd erupt in the middle of meetings, on the phone, while editing a story.
One moment the two lovers were walking happily along, the next they erupt-ed into a knock-down-drag-out argument.
If property insurance expires in mid-sputter, insurers have the chance to shed their risks before claims erupt.
But the precautions are such that it seems unlikely that large-scale protests could erupt.
If he is thought to favour one side or another, violence could erupt.
Try to marry two big firms with different cultures, runs the argument, and squabbles are bound to erupt.
And if you pack together enough of certain actinide atoms, their nuclei will erupt in a powerful release of energy.
In these setting you can develop bimodal volcanism where both basalt and rhyolite erupt.
There is also plenty of opportunity for standard battles to erupt.
Volcanoes may also erupt in areas called hotspots where the crust is thin.
Furthermore, he said, magma needs to be relatively fluid and gas-rich before it can erupt.
Ask students where they think volcanoes erupt: on land or in the ocean.
Flank vents located lower down the mountain erupt less frequently and explosively but have higher overall effusion rates.
When a fighter scores a knockout or submission, the trademark words erupt.
They're held on the rooftop, above the line of gunfire if shooting should erupt.
If it decides to erupt, you'd have to go a long way to get away from it.
Some people have argued that cravings erupt when our body cries out for needed nutrients.
It is my understanding that ship's officers use humor to relieve stress that might otherwise erupt in fights.
Deadly clashes erupt ahead of presidential runoff voting.
Your eye will naturally jump to the top of the screen, where huge fountains of dark debris erupt out of the falling towers.
The car tended to erupt in flame in rear-end collisions.
The test's prominence ensures that shouting matches will erupt over it regularly.
The data and an understanding of what the data have meant in the past are crucial for determining when a volcano might erupt.
Cinder cones usually erupt lava flows, either through a breach on one side of the crater or from a vent located on a flank.
Each of these volcanoes has erupted in the past, and each will erupt again in the future.
The mid-ocean ridge consists of thousands of individual volcanoes or volcanic ridge segments which periodically erupt.
Remember that some children's teeth erupt much earlier and some much later than the average eruption dates given here.
There's a lost city hidden in the center of an active volcano, which is about to erupt.

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