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The ersatz reefs, meanwhile, were good for marine ecosystems and local economies alike.
Our unions are often the final barrier against unsafe roads and hospitals, ersatz education and filth in our food.
Pity the lunatic fringe, poring over the lexicon to find an ersatz euphemism for suicide.
The ersatz oysters, sad in their dipping sauce, spoke all too clearly about my life.
One day the ersatz seascape will likely become the real thing.
As if their compelling native characteristics had been replaced by ersatz versions.
The retailers' dilemma has spurred a proliferation of software and other tools that can help ferret out ersatz orders.
Some people may feel tempted to store and run simulations of themselves, thus achieving an ersatz immortality.
While imposing ersatz fun on their employees, companies are battling against the real thing.
Allowing such ersatz lending is a pretence by booksellers.
Because clean dishes remain in the washer, the table becomes an ersatz cupboard between meals.
And this solemn, ersatz epic not only misses the boat intellectually but also fails as entertainment.
Offended by a plethora of ersatz music-making, the public defected in droves.
Instead, they devoted their efforts to filling the ersatz house with period furniture.
After a while, you realize that the film is a case of ersatz formalism disguising chaos.
It leaves these organizations ersatz structures of participation in the control or domination of the employer.

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