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Example sentences for erroneously

When those crises occur, it is often erroneously argued that the problem lies with a particular model of banking.
Tsunamis are sometimes erroneously referred to as tidal waves.
The definition of movement is simple erroneously limited.
The customer is then erroneously charged the old price.
It was active smoking, erroneously and foully and recklessly enjoyed when there was nothing to enjoy about it.
Many on the skeptical side of the argument erroneously denounce the science because the don't get it.
They learned of the eavesdropping after the government erroneously sent them records.
They say it requires them to use software that erroneously blocks access to many inoffensive sites.
They erroneously claim that nuclear plant construction starts the day that someone wants to build one.
In the ensuing, overblown backlash, some even erroneously thought that the service had opened them up to stalkers.
Hence, the seeming but erroneously higher global average.
Casual observers notice that the car is still moving and erroneously think it's a viable vehicle.
She said that she had a friend who had been given a diagnosis of cancer erroneously, and underwent unnecessary surgery.
And whilst my comment may have come across erroneously as condescending, yours was downright insulting.
Heartland says that this was erroneously emailed to someone impersonating a board member.
We erroneously operated the submersible and it ran over the bone, so the bone was buried.
They erroneously thought they could replicate humanity in a machine without actually understanding human psychology.
Receipt of an award notice or a check, even though erroneously issued, extends due process for the beneficiary may rely.
First, he claims that the trial court erroneously exercised its discretion when it allowed evidence of his two escapes.
Prisoners erroneously claimed plug-in electric and alternative motor vehicle credits.

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