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Example sentences for erroneous

If erroneous data and theory was used to develop these models, then models are wrong.
Relative evaluations on arbitrary criteria and tendencies to impose new value systems can be erroneous and damaging.
On second thought, my advice about pop quizzes was erroneous.
More often than not, they reach erroneous conclusions.
It's an erroneous assumption that one's weight is not beyond one's control.
This is based on an erroneous reading of various disparate public records.
The title of this article is erroneous.
The hilariously erroneous accounts of my activities reported as fact in his newspaper provoked morning belly laughs.
Although many of his conclusions have been proved erroneous, they attracted a large following.
That seems to me to be an erroneous assumption.
It is unethical to throw erroneous information out into cyberspace.
No or minimal and erroneous attempt to answer the question.
The erroneous collection left many students strapped for cash or overdrawn.
Don't believe the deniers-science is a resolute enemy of erroneous conventional wisdom.
Your feelings are valid because you felt them, but your reason for feeling them turned out to be erroneous.
What's more, relating a strength of a greenhouse gas to its total concentration in the atmosphere is erroneous.
Officials falsified statements that he gave them and then insisted that he sign the erroneous testimony, he says.
The author somehow made some shallow and erroneous conclusions about historical events.
The so-called tactical police erroneous orders was due exclusively to the heads of devices.
With the proliferation of peer-reviewed journals, it may be that erroneous or poorly conducted research sometimes gets published.
The author's idea about the amorality of science is erroneous.
The notion that long radioactive lifetimes are undesirable is also erroneous.
Partial relief when a portion of erroneous item is unknown.
Extend due process before terminating erroneous payments.

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