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Example sentences for erring

He's erring on the side of caution, but the thigh's not too bad.
It was delicious because the tang of the lemon kept it from erring on the side of sugar.
Political considerations argue for favoring the short run and erring on the side of stimulus.
We use it every day on erring celebrities and cheating politicians.
The method of not erring is sought by all the world.
Given the choice, erring on the side of inflation would be less catastrophic than erring on the side of deflation.
Yet there is something to be said for erring on the side of caution when setting initial offer prices.
But in practice, erring peacekeepers are rarely punished.
The emphasis of this approach is communication and giving the erring employee a chance to improve.
Erring on the side of extra insulation may require several extra feet of insulation.
They do work too tedious or dangerous for humans, enduring tedium without erring and danger without harm.
Second, a tort remedy should be created to provide victims of searches and seizures a claim remedy against erring police officers.

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