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The event is erratic and unpredictable, but it occurs roughly every three to seven years.
His drinking increased, as did his erratic wandering and his constant difficulties with his parents.
My work schedual is erratic so I'm on at different times depending on the day.
This is why the ice extent is growing more erratic.
Such erratic motion by baitfish can provoke a strike.
Over the next two years, his behavior became erratic.
He was erratic, sure, but that was entirely within character.
He was exhausted, confused and erratic.
It's almost a bungling erratic approach.
No wonder some within reach thought him erratic.
The world's climate has been highly variable and erratic—a harbinger of global warming.
The Spiders have just come out of a two-century-long suspended animation made necessary by the fluctuations of their erratic sun.
The gears of a transmission, in particular, are vulnerable to wear and tear from the erratic surging of ocean waves.
Flight style is quick and buoyant, almost erratic, with wings usually swept back.
Their path through the forest is frustratingly erratic.
These supersized sediments are called erratic boulders.
It's erratic and experimental because there was no grand plan.
Given the commissions' erratic track record, the argument strikes many legal observers as dubious.
His tennis game was thunderous but erratic, and it took years for me to realize that his real physical grace was non-suburban.
And even though the sun had reached a steady state, climatic upheavals didn't become any less erratic.
Those kinds of stories, unfair treatment, erratic reviewers and journal editors etc are a dime a dozen.
More moisture in the air will create even more erratic weather.
His behaviour becomes more erratic and suicidal as his thoughts become more entrenched in this idea, and his health fails.
When this current is switched off, these formerly erratic cells immediately return to a normal state.
Biological populations often exhibit erratic booms and busts that cannot be explained by any external cause.
It makes for rich wildlife habitat, but also erratic landscapes that resist the right-angle geometry of modern agriculture.
In other words, each component curve would be much more erratic and there would be many more of them.
For instance, the team had one robot observe another wheeling about in an erratic spiraling manner toward a light.
But both these sources are inherently erratic: winds wane and clouds show up with little notice.
His hypocrisy regarding fossil fuel use is unbelievable and his increasingly erratic behavior is unsettling.
Not to mention my erratic timing and bizarre memory lapses.
The erratic nature of wind and solar power means the utility will have to build smart grid to protect the power grid from damage.
There was no hot water and the electricity was erratic.
B ut there were ominous signs-indications of an erratic nature.
But he continued to drink, and his erratic behavior continued on the air and off.
The phones were erratic, so he wasted no time on preliminaries.
Lackadaisical customer service, with erratic parts supplies, are only bad memories.
Coles runs erratic routes and lets the ball determine how to make the catch.
Midday rally falters as erratic pattern of trading continues.
Stocks break two-day losing streak in erratic session.
Drivers may seem erratic, aggressive and even angry, so it pays to be alert.
But the general's policies have proven weak and erratic.
All this fabulousness depends on creative spirits, who can be erratic.
The period leading up to the domestication of cereals was one of erratic climate change, as the last ice age ended.
The result has been a succession of erratic incremental steps, forced by events and largely driven by tactics.
Soaring temperatures and erratic rainfall may dry up surface water.
Progress has been erratic over the past decade, for reasons described in this week's print edition.
That's wrong: as well as raising prices, it makes quality more erratic.
Hurried editing shows in erratic chronology, direct speech whose sources are unclear and easily avoidable errors.
Meanwhile, his mercurial character has only got more erratic.
As for counselling and other therapies, the profession is still finding its way, with erratic standards.
In foreign affairs he was sometimes naive and erratic.
But the grudging and erratic response of the euro zone's governments has been as much part of the problem as of the solution.
Capital was scarce and macroeconomic management erratic.
The user goes into delirium, with a pounding heart, erratic thoughts and heavy sweating.
Yes, there's a pulse, but it's growing a bit erratic.
Uncommon and erratic in winter, spring, and fall in inland regions.
Embedded with a large cyclonic envelope, the storm's motion became erratic.
Their flight is often low, erratic, with the entire flock twisting and turning as one unit.
Flock movements are rapid, often erratic, usually in compact groups.
Infected fish swim in an erratic pattern before sinking to the bottom and dying.
The effects of guidance program variables, on the other hand, are rather small and manifest some erratic patterns.
Low-dose contraceptives can help stabilize erratic menstrual cycles in the years leading up to menopause.

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He followed in his father's footsteps, but his gait was somewhat erratic.... more
He was as erratic but as inevitable as the weather.... more
What can be said, Except that suffering is exact, but where Desire takes charge, readings will grow erratic... more
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