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Simply catch any errant spider in a jar or cup and put it outside.
She will be the most famous jailbird created during America's current campaign to bring errant executives to justice.
His mission is to get his errant father Jim to return home to his family.
It's a method I find ideal for keeping errant children in line.
Alzheimer's can be prompted by any of several errant genes.
However, here I wonder how errant he is being in this analogy.
The culprit was an errant traffic light.
Think of it as a backup plan in case the Earth is destroyed by an errant meteor.
He prayed that his errant feelings were a phase.
The change will greatly increase the potential punishment facing errant bosses.
Dirt clods, last year's squash and the errant toad and mouse tumble to the ground.
We're not talking about errant politicians here, but about those whose values ought to be spiritually driven.
It's a baseball glove for the almighty to catch those errant pop fly's the universe sends our way every once in a while.
Yet you never hear about anyone getting creamed by a fuel tank or an errant wrench.
It may be that distractions deprive the errant signals from the auditory cortex of the attention they need to cause real distress.
Errant asteroids, flip-flopping magnetic poles, or total climatic collapse will make things awfully lonely.
But scientists offer as a viable option ground-based lasers to disrupt the orbit of errant objects, causing them to plummet.
It has also led to criticism of a legal system seen to treat private citizens far more harshly than errant officials.
Witnesses to securities fraud have had little incentive to tattle on their errant co-workers-or accomplices, as the case may be.
She is also unbelievably patient-as she must be with this errant pupil.
The deregulation of these two industries served the purpose of punishing errant unionists.
The focus of the course is primarily to serve as a program for errant attorneys.
Some of whom were in the process of replacing sign posts that had been found by errant vehicles.
Facing traffic gives workers a better opportunity to see and hear errant vehicles.
Since flaggers are more likely to encounter errant vehicles, an escape route can provide a lifesaving benefit.
More importantly, the plank may go through the windshield of any high-speed errant vehicle whose hood gets under the plank.
In these three instances the barrier reduced the momentum of the errant vehicle, which still entered oncoming traffic lanes.
Barricades are located adjacent to traffic and are therefore subject to impact by errant vehicles.
Several water hazards and numerous bunkers await your errant shots, while excellent fairways and greens rewards your good play.
The preservation of a safety recovery area for errant vehicles is a high priority.
Delineators do not provide the physical separation needed to prevent an errant vehicle from crossing into an adjacent lane.
Unfortunately, such walls can bring an errant vehicle to a sudden stop.
Golfers are responsible for any property damage or injury caused by errant shots.
Slope combinations for channels can be selected to produce a cross-section that can be safely traversed by an errant vehicle.
Clear zones are designed to allow errant vehicles a place to safely stop or re-gain control.
However, these protective vehicles themselves may cause injuries to both the occupants of the errant vehicles and the workers.

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