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They also run errands for elderly and handicapped people.
Tales of students who run errands for professors for little or no pay are graduate-school lore.
We might then see more people using them for short errands that require carrying more stuff than is comfortable walking.
Walking or bicycling for your daily errands reduces vehicle emissions.
She drives it to work and around town to run errands.
Awkward to wear in public during post-workout errands.
We ran errands for our parents, walked to school and visited our friends at will.
Again, these are perfect for sandy coastal areas and around the house or running errands.
Cars are also the only practical means for people in a city running errands in multiple locations.
When you pick up a skill, such as diplomacy, you gain skill points by sending your companion on errands.
Books can make driving around doing errands a pleasure.
It is great wearing everyday while shopping or running errands as it is so lightweight.
She has two sons and has always remained active, insisting on running her errands herself.
All of them did their routine errands in four hours, once a week, in the same shopping center where they bought groceries.
He would follow her as she drove to work or ran errands.
They're great, and everybody uses them, from businessmen in suits to shopkeepers running errands.
One of their faculty went to the doctor one day, and did a few errands in the town before going home.
Combine several errands into a single trip when possible.
They can also be dressed for jogging, bedtime and errands.
When you do drive, try to combine outings with errands.
Another staves off the pain with mounds of paperwork and nonstop errands.
For running errands by bike, quickly adjust the straps for the more secure, backpack-style carry.
But the bikes feel solid and sturdy and good for running errands.
Back roads and arterials stall during our three-plus daily trips on errands.
Condensing shopping trips and errands reduces air pollution, saves gas and oil, and cuts down on wear and tear on the car.
For example, your phone knows that you're at the mall, so it displays all of the errands you're supposed to take care of there.
She wears only blue and runs errands with a blue laundry cart.
When she went downtown to do errands, she heard whispers.
The base of each trunk features an power outlet that can be used to juice up your eco ride as you run errands.
They lurk in gangs on street corners, waiting to carry people or goods, or run errands.
Fatso discovered all sorts of errands he had to run elsewhere.
Tack on estimates for weekend driving and errands based on surveys.
She's taken a rare afternoon off to get some errands done.
She checks air-quality levels daily to see if she can venture outdoors to run errands.
He's never before asked her to make coffee or do personal errands.
The hearse is good for errands because it doesn't get parking tickets.
People brought food, flowers and cards, and ran errands for the family.
Riding a bike to work or to do errands is far cheaper than joining a gym.
One tip for driving efficiently is to combine or chain trips so you complete many errands in one outing.
Ecology also recommends that people limit vehicle trips, combine errands or use public transportation.
Run necessary errands now, don't wait until the storm strikes.
Share a ride, carpool, walk or ride the bus combine as many errands as possible.
Prefer a valid driver's license to run errands as needed.
Consolidate trips whenever possible instead of doing errands separately.
Encourage employees to combine multiple out-of-office errands and trips.
Stay home from work, school, and errands when you are sick.
Combining errands into one trip saves you time and money.
Transportation is provided for meals, programs, and activities or daily errands.
Combine errands into one trip instead of making many small trips.
By planning your route to complete your errands, you can cut down on time and gas.

Famous quotes containing the word errands

Always, a few errands Summon us periodically from the room of our forethought And that is a good thing.... more
When its errands are noble and adequate, a steamboat bridging the Atlantic between Old and New England, and... more
Grief in the morning, washed away in coffee, crumbled to a dozen errands between busy fingers.... more
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