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Example sentences for ermine

The future monarch is depicted lying on a luscious blue cloak lined with ermine on a canopied dais.
The figure was made of carved wood and wore an ermine-trimmed robe, loose trousers, and a turban.
It's a sort of mud that sticks to the judge's ermine or the cardinal's robe as fast as to the rags of the tramp.
The first benches are already occupied by a crowd of venerable figures muffled in robes of ermine, velvet, and scarlet cloth.
Recall the little minx in an ermine robe reclining on a couch.
Featured pieces include cashmere sweaters, ermine su├Ęde loafers, and a navy mohair blazer.
Small mammals such as voles and ermine spend much of their winter lives under the snow, sheltered from the cold world above.
They should enlist the support of local business and community leaders to det ermine the best way to prevent and reduce truancy.

Famous quotes containing the word ermine

Won't go to Harlem in ermine and pearls.... more
The ermine muffled mouth and chin; I could not suck the moonlight in.... more
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