ergonomics in a sentence

Example sentences for ergonomics

Because it is based on human ergonomics, which will never change, only mold through time and the evolution of humans.
It means keeping in mind wire management and ergonomics.
The test of posture had nothing to do with ergonomics.
The ergonomics of text entry will especially be challenging on a device that size.
Ergonomics is the science of adapting workplaces to ensure worker safety.
Good ergonomics and dashboard design is not the realm of the rich.
Recommendations for safe computer ergonomics have been evolving.
Its only saving grace was being kinda cute and above-average interior ergonomics for that market segment at the time.
Excellent ergonomics make the use of the many devices at hand easy to use.
Croppers aside, skiers do win hands down in all other aspects of ergonomics.
Desktops and laptops have been around long enough for their ergonomics to be investigated and usage guidelines to be established.
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