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Example sentences for ergo

The ergo guy breezes through the office every few months to adjust our lumbar supports, but nothing ever fixed my slouch.
Ergo the idea for a museum that would contain those vaunted scents lost to history.
Ergo an approach according to the new science of complexity is necessary, rather than detailed prescriptions.
Ergo: people who direct dissertations need to have name recognition.
Ergo, what you need is someone you trust to go through this whole process.
Ergo, these judgments are really armchair speculation by untrained individuals.
Ergo, he seems to be inflating his size and power through the art of illusion.
Global warming has caused shifts in rainfall, ergo regions get inundated while others get drought.
Ergo, no need for politically responsible decision makers.
Ergo, the younger they marry the sooner they are engaged in the business of their lives.

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I think, therefore I am. [Cogito, ergo sum.]... more
Not anyone can be a cuckold. If you are a cuckold, ergo your wife will be beautiful, ergo you ... more
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