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Example sentences for eraser

At the end of the day, no matter how fancy, a pencil is only as good as its eraser.
Certainly it is easier to edit and rewrite papers electronically than with pencil and eraser.
The land looked as though a giant eraser had rubbed back and forth over it.
Over the next several weeks, it grew to the size of a pencil eraser tip.
Yet for all the evidence of destruction, scientists could not figure out where the eraser was hidden.
If you make a mistake you can select the eraser and rub out the paint from a given area.
The built-in pencil eraser, though largely unchanged for decades, is far from a perfect invention.
Typically, your health care provider will test for this sign simply by twisting a pencil eraser against your skin.
Unlike tender points, trigger points are often small lumps, about the size of a pencil eraser.
Hold the single eraser out from the spool, parallel to the floor.
Your collages will disappear if you click the eraser, close your browser, or shut down your computer.
To start over, choose a new grid or pattern, or click the eraser.
Image can be easily removed with a standard chalkboard eraser.
Polyps the size of a pencil eraser build an external skeleton of calcium carbonate around their bodies.
The new image will have the color of the eraser tool.
These tablets are generally no larger than a pencil eraser.
Tell students that to find the cost of one eraser, the money has to be divided into four equal parts.

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...as for helping me in the outside world, the Convent taught me only that if you spit on a pencil eraser, ... more
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