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The combination vaccine has been remarkably effective in bringing the world to the brink of polio eradication.
For these unfortunates eradication may be the best option.
The snail is currently at the height of its invasion, experts say, and the its success makes eradication near-impossible.
The vaccinal eradication of smallpox was a watershed achievement.
His work leads to the control of yellow fever by mosquito eradication projects.
Used for prevention or eradication of powdery mildew, rust, and some lawn diseases.
The global public health system has a lot staked on the polio eradication drive.
Forcible coca eradication is particularly unpopular.
They are considered pests, and government eradication efforts include asking residents to help collect and dispose of them.
But the eradication effort has already taken a decade longer than expected.
Health authorities are gaining ground on the polio virus, according to the global polio eradication initiative.
Consequently, conflicts arise and large-scale eradication programs have often ensued.
From the point of view of animal welfare, my snail eradication plan is suboptimal.
Throughout history smallpox killed thousands of people until its eradication a century ago.
The eradication of an evil lies not so much in law as in the society itself.
The aerial eradication has not come without a price.
The two aims are linked: the idea was that coca eradication would weaken the guerrillas by squeezing their drug income.
So the government has backed it up with manual eradication.
Veterinary epidemiologists have announced the eradication of the ancient cattle scourge, rinderpest.
The government is now putting more stress on manual eradication.
Many of those who did sign on failed to meet the seven-day deadline for the eradication.
With the eradication of smallpox, the routine use of vaccinia has ceased.
Achieving truthful science depends not on the eradication of bias but on its gradual correction.
Scientists should at long last be able to see a route to the total eradication of malaria.
Still, both areas are expected to see slight to modest decreases in production, in part because of government eradication efforts.
If they and the donors can meet them, eradication will continue.
Eradication last year was a bit of a joke, nearly all agree.
And so, ten years ago, conservationists started to put in place a thoroughgoing eradication campaign.
Bill has translated his vision and optimism into tangible support for the eradication effort and challenged others to join him.
While the program has gone well, there is growing doubt that the eradication goal can be reached this year.
So where eradication has failed, prevention can help.
It's a shift away from poppy eradication, a surefire way to deprive impoverished farmers of their livelihoods.
Unemployment generation programme executed and implemented at local level will provide much boost to eradication of unemployment.

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