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Example sentences for eradicate

First, let's understand, cheating will never be eradicated from big-time sports.
With such control of nature, they predict, these proteins will one day eradicate diseases and greatly extend the human lifespan.
Bacterial infections are often hard to eradicate because a small percentage of germs are dormant at any one time.
It appears academicians' attempts to eradicate these hotbeds of plagiarism have done little to stifle their growth.
Tree mallow's seeds are hardy, making it difficult to eradicate.
We need to ponder other solutions than growth to eradicate unemployment.
Climate change is projected to eradicate 30% of all species on the planet.
I'm telling you, mice are easier to eradicate than roaches.
And they are notoriously difficult to eradicate.
We are continuing to eradicate some diseases.

Famous quotes containing the word eradicate

No amount of cajolery, and no attempts at ethical or social seduction, can eradicate from my heart a deep b... more
And time brings down what is both strong and tall. But plants new set to be eradicate, And buds new blown, ... more
Prejudices, it is well known, are most difficult to eradicate from the heart whose soil has never been loos... more
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