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The findings suggest that if patients receive equivalent treatment, the outcomes for blacks and whites can be strikingly similar.
Taking the nearest equivalent country from 2009 data reveals some surprises.
The effect is the visual equivalent of a long, cool drink of water.
This is the modern-day equivalent of hippies freaking out the squares.
It's roughly the equivalent of me sabotaging your science fair project before the judges can look at it.
It consumed the electrical power equivalent of a large city.
This binary decision is equivalent to one bit of information.
The odds are stacked against you so heavily that a minor loss is the equivalent of a minor victory.
That's the equivalent of planting about 43 acres of trees.
Now it seems one of the world's most popular electronic musicians has discovered the modern digital equivalent.
For now, that makes hydrogen the equivalent of a fossil fuel.
In a laboratory, blood is drawn from the crab's primitive equivalent of a heart.
But what can be seen above ground is the archaeological equivalent of shock and awe.
Scientists have endowed the traditional plant with new genes that pack the equivalent of a daily multivitamin into each serving.
Stimulating a plankton bloom is the equivalent of fertilizing a prairie.
Official urine drinkers tested for this ancient equivalent of steroids.
Plain, stocky sandpipers, they can fly a distance equivalent to a trip to the moon and back over the course of their lifetimes.
He and others hypothesize that it's equivalent to a bright flash of light.
It's the equivalent of physical design, but applied to the digital and virtual world.
He is a product of marketing and is the equivalent of toxic derivatives the art world's answer to credit default swaps.
It went though the frontal lobes of his brain and gave him the equivalent of a frontal lobotomy.
Tax expenditures are the fiscal equivalent of selling indulgences.
The equivalent in work of chemical processes is again measured by the heat which they produce.
And that was during a time when the number of full-time-equivalent students in college increased by more than four million.
PhD or equivalent is required by time of appointment.
Candidates with an equivalent combination of experience and/or education are encouraged to apply.
Or the digital equivalent of an academic elevator pitch.
Every week coal companies detonate explosives equivalent to that of an atomic bomb.
If such a monetary system was in place, then your cash would literally be equivalent to some amount of gold.
They're the economic equivalent of a macroeconomic lecture from a grizzled senior professor.
The technical benefits of new media to photojournalists in crisis zones are equivalent to unrefined digital omniscience.
It's the media equivalent of their parents suggesting who they should date.
And please, eat it with close friends, because this stuff is the culinary equivalent of mud wrestling.
It is of little use to extract a barrel of oil equivalent if it takes a barrel of oil equivalent to do so.
Certain loud noises are the acoustic equivalent of a blindfold.
Researchers have found animals that go out of their way to get the equivalent of nine drinks a night.
Mushroom bodies are the insect equivalent of the human neocortex, the outer layer of our brain, which handles complex cognition.
For credentialing purposes, the courses are equivalent.
We show that redshift experiments based on matter waves and clock comparisons are equivalent to one another.
They were meant to be on horseback, the medieval equivalent of a tank.
Its wings stretch more than two light-years across-equivalent to about half the distance between our sun and the nearest star.
Into this hole stars and star-stuff are always falling-a lot of stuff, the equivalent of a hundred million suns so far.
The dance is their equivalent of neurons exciting one another.
Into this hole stars and star stuff are always falling-a lot of stuff, the equivalent of a hundred million suns so far.
TV networks and movie studios are engaged in the programming equivalent of stocking up on canned goods in case the big one hits.
There is no intellectual equivalent of the hundred-yard dash.
She claimed that he had knocked her over, and won the yuan equivalent of nearly seven thousand dollars.
But they never find their own equivalent to his suave, sneaky-gleeful subversiveness.
It moves outside her, holding to the structure of her narrative without settling on a dramatic equivalent for her voice.
Every error is an error of substance, a betrayal of ignorance and inexperience, the academic equivalent of the double dribble.
College should give them the intellectual equivalent of their childhood sleepover experience.
Sometimes she writes to a blogger only to get the e-mail equivalent of a blank stare.
If you make content that is the intellectual equivalent of gummy bears, your site will appear to grow quickly.
The bank owned the majority of the stock, so they were the equivalent of employees of the bank.
All this for swells that, let's face it, rarely amount to more than the wave equivalent of a bunny slope.
But, if the mirror-image division was essentially equivalent, the electorates were not.
Stark says the building contained the equivalent of seventeen tractor trailers of coins alone.
It is really equivalent, if taken seriously, to no-use of nuclear weapons.
Every small town had a shop selling solar panels for a price roughly equivalent to that of a single sheep.
Only those who have taught others for an equivalent amount of time would have a claim on the time of more advanced teachers.
According to her famous theorem, every symmetry is equivalent to a conservation law.
That's equivalent to about six nuclear-power plants.
That's roughly equivalent to about two thirds the size of the observable universe.
Moreover, no one understood how it worked, which hindered efforts to find a cheaper equivalent.
We get plastered with pages of equivalent flights all listed separately.
Soon after that machines will become the equivalent of conscious, ie self-aware.
Each page within was covered in their father's neat, extraordinarily tiny handwriting-the cursive equivalent of three-point type.

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