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Written language is thus a point-to-point equivalence, to borrow a mathematical phrase, to its spoken counterpart.
Only the clerks know what is available, only they judge the equivalence and can give or take a few square meters here and there.
Harmonic quintessence and the formulation of a fundamental energy equivalence equation.
Capital and income are not taxed with any mathematical equivalence, and inflation is not directly addressed.
There is no equivalence between the acceptance of evolution and the global warming agenda.
The formulation of harmonic quintessence and a fundamental energy equivalence equation.
Here, the kind of equivalence used represents a restrictive aspect of reality as an economic one.
See now you can go see what the equivalence is between the gases.
Greg--Even for you, that's a ridiculous equivalence.
But it's also a false moral equivalence to say that because all of the actors are flawed, they are all equally bad.
That's what the equivalence principle demands, and that's what happens.
In each case, people must grasp a deep equivalence between the abstract idea and the concrete experience.
Nevertheless, he stops short of claiming a complete equivalence, conceding.
Equivalence is only required for shared information, which both observers can access.
The main thing is that graduation requires the equivalence of comprehensives and some independent work.
The universality of free-fall, a concept formally known as the weak equivalence principle, is a cornerstone of modern physics.
As an examination of moral equivalence, the film raises difficult questions.
He dubbed this conjecture the principle of equivalence.
When it comes to default, there is no moral equivalence of debtor and creditor.
One way to treat this claim is as a mathematical claim about formal or transformational equivalence.
The practical equivalence of tax credits and government transfers muddies the picture considerably.

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