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Money released from housing equity was not funnelled into other forms of saving.
Instead of borrowing money to pay back shareholders, companies now need to raise equity to pay back creditors.
Someone needs to check their homeowners insurance and their equity.
We want to improve women's chances of acquiring equity.
It was not until 1875 in England and until 1913 in our federal courts that the testimony in equity trials was taken orally.
They can get private equity investors.
For a long time, scientists believed a sense of equity was a purely human trait.
Positive home equity plays a big part in whether you will qualify .
All states allow the debtor to keep some equity in the home.
Eventually the crisis will pass, and equity and debt financing will return.
Weinstein secured the company through a private equity firm.
Ensure equity in the recruitment and hiring processes.
Don't be surprised if they use that info to run a credit check or home-equity balance online.
Private utilities finance with a combination of equity and debt the combination called discount rate.
Yet it is equally obvious that, in many areas, full gender equity still remains elusive.
Higher base, smaller bonus, more of the bonus in equity with long term vesting.
He probably can't participate in tax equity funds, either.
Pirate life seemed a medley of indulgence and strict equity, mockery and idealism, anarchy and discipline.
Equity markets have also come under pressure but that is because of the lack of clear leadership.
Instead, when you have an excessive debt problem, you have to convert such debt into equity.
That's what you do with corporate restructuring-it converts unsecured debt into equity.
Hedge and private equity funds are active, operating in large part on borrowed funds.
Everyone who's anyone is getting into the private-equity bubble-even journalists and rock stars.
Ignoring internal equity issues will only ensure that the new hire will join a department of sullen and grumbling colleagues.
Some private-equity investors in higher education have become known for putting fast growth and quick profits ahead of quality.
Declines in housing valuations are making it difficult for families to rely on home-equity loans for college financing.
His home is worth far less than it was a year ago, and his equity has evaporated.
Rather than be at odds, homeowners and investors should partner in long-term equity-sharing arrangements.
Some of us have borrowed against our home's equity or extended the payoff periods to lower our payments.
Many repeat buyers have too little equity in their homes to qualify for loans.
When you have that kind of equity, you don't think they're going to flip it.
The relationship between altruism and equity has interested the scientific community.
Those equity losses didn't cause a financial crisis, however.
The fall in global equity markets has delivered a salutary shock to investors.
In two decades, private-equity firms have moved from the outer fringe to the centre of the capitalist system.
Bankers may routinely earn million-pound bonuses but some hedge-fund and private-equity managers have become billionaires.
But executives seem to be counting on an equity-market rally to dig them out of the hole.
They thus allowed a system to develop where bank executives used return on equity as their target measure.
Data equity, to coin a phrase, will become as important as brand equity.
Hedge funds may have performed badly this year but their losses have been far lower than those of equity markets.
Over the long run they provide the bulk of equity investors' returns.
Critics say that in effect, taxpayers are subsidising private equity's extraction of value from firms through tax arbitrage.
Prior to the credit crunch, private-equity funds tried to shake up the industry.
Everyone agrees on the destination: lots more pure equity, the highest-quality buffer against losses.
It also indirectly encouraged home-equity loans through a tax credit for home renovations.
Some categories of risky loans, for example to private-equity firms, have been written down.
When the value of a home drops below the size of the mortgage, a borrower has a reason to default to escape his negative equity.
Equity returns could suffer in such economic conditions, too.
The firm is nationally recognized for its private-equity practice.
We have to get rid of excess supply of units and get rid of foreclosures, and home equity has to start building.
Over the last few weeks, the private equity industry has taken a verbal beating.
Longevity is a big part of its brand equity, but it doesn't shout excitement.
Welch gave as an example a company owned by the private-equity firm with which he is affiliated.
You'll find important information here on what impacts performance of private equity funds.
If you are in the market for credit, a home equity plan is one of several options that might be right for you.
The maximum amount that may be borrowed on a credit card or under a home equity line of credit plan.
Home equity loan products include open-end equity lines of credit and closed-end home equity loans.

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