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Example sentences for equities

Big gains in those categories more than offset losses in equities and some hedge funds.
Reduce the equities portion and increase the bond if you are skittish or near retirement.
Broadly speaking, investors in developed economies hold highly diversified portfolios, with significant portions in equities.
People started believing that over the long term, equities offered a low-risk opportunity for higher returns.
Equities, the same folks will move those to brokerage accounts overseas for the same reasons.
Investors often look for the group with the best record in domestic equities, and for good reason.
Overall, however, equities lost favour: three of our portfolio managers shifted their exposure from equities into cash.
It answers the question why equities have been a losing bet and whether it is still convenient to buy equities in the future.
Equities may have more variance than other investments, but they offer a higher expected return.
Previously, if you had a defined-benefit plan your employer likely invested a large fraction of that pension fund in equities.
Buying emerging-market debt is not quite as straightforward as buying equities.
Gold, other commodities reflect gains in equities.
Fresh research challenges the historical rate of return on equities.
The stock market had plunged, retirement plans were ruined, and few people cared that equities looked dirt cheap.
The economy may remain moribund and leave no reason for equities to rise.
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