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Example sentences for equitable

Some couples have forged partnerships they consider fully equitable.
The global economy needs equitable and transparent rules of the game.
What matters is what's fair and equitable under our system of law.
This university and this instructor are committed to providing an equitable learning environment for every student.
There has to be a more equitable way to do this.
This is a crowded but equitable gathering of graves.
We also try very hard to make our salaries equitable and competitive.
South America's biggest city is halfway towards a better, more equitable future.
They must pass laws ensuring an equitable division of the country's oil wealth.
There are problems with doing this in an equitable manner.
He makes no effort to hide his disdain for cars, and he has lobbied endlessly for more equitable transportation polices.
It seems scarce possible to invent a more equitable way of maintaining such works.
Let us understand that the equitable rule is, that no one should take more than his share, let him be ever so rich.
Say that the practical issues could all be worked out, and domestic partnerships could be made more or less equitable.
Seems pretty simple with the standard method, cutting through the center four times to create eight equitable slices.
Those terms and conditions were predicated on supporting the employees and creating a fair and equitable package.
Financial markets will more likely flourish, and more rapid and equitable development will more likely follow.
The aim is a more equitable distribution of opportunity for all the children of the land.
Rarely does a corporate world view seek an equitable balance between shareholder, customer and employee.
Resources are well spent to bring about a more equitable distribution, as equitable distribution is an indicator of optimization.
There are other ways to make education more equitable.
At the same time, they have the potential to be an equitable and efficient way of managing traffic.
Implementation is crucial: unless reform of the state is seen to be equitable and effective, citizens will not accept it.
Only once that comes into play can the bargaining between boards and bosses become a more equitable affair.
The latter is the ability to take entrepreneurial risks in a fair and equitable environment.
It is a decentralized, built-in, equitable distribution of capital to the people who create the wealth.
There is also the little matter of an equitable distribution of water resources.
In none of these areas is spending efficient or equitable.
The majority of employees would actually benefit from a more equitable distribution of wealth.
Integrated rural development may sound equitable and effective, but it can be wishful thinking.
Rather than cutting benefits, it is surely more equitable to ask people to work longer and retire later.
They also created private equitable servitudes to prohibit certain land uses.
The growth of cities could be planned with an appropriate mix of land use and density that is efficient, effective and equitable.
Socialism also delivers wealth generation but at a slower and in a more equitable manner.
And that sense of trying to be equitable with networks extends to the post-season.
Thus, when a party seeks equitable subordination, it is not acting in the interests of all the unsecured creditors.
Then tell me if you think the system is equitable to you.

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