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In essence, cars will be coming off the line equipped for car sharing.
The executive branch is well equipped with scientific advisory organizations.
It will be equipped with the latest device for measuring the tiny wobbles in starlight that orbiting planets create.
However, these capabilities can be exploited by anyone with access to suitably equipped drones.
The bottom unit consisted essentially of four landing struts equipped with a retrorocket to cushion the descent.
The mercenaries may be better equipped to handle the job than the military.
My department and my university did not seem equipped to help.
It will involve a small number of cars equipped with global positioning satellite receivers.
Equipped with grasping tentacles, the nautiloids were effective predators.
Equipped with the latest technology, experts set out two years ago to create a more perfect triceratops.
Ignition keys equipped with signal-emitting chips were supposed to put car thieves out of business.
And the room was equipped with all kinds of technology.
Their absence from the labour market is temporary, and they should join it better equipped.
The vehicle is also equipped with visual and acoustic sensors and high-definition television systems.
Researchers have equipped yeast cells with semi-synthetic chromosomes.
Even though many nets are now equipped with devices to release the dolphins, the stress of capture alone may cause injury.
Beware of the latest line in less lethal weapons: a scooter equipped with an air gun.
In short, they will need to be equipped to make their own opportunities.
The project centres on two buoys equipped with satellite links and packed with sensors.
Meet animals equipped with deadly predatory skills.
Mayors are often better equipped than presidents to cut greenhouse gases.
Equipped with turbo-pumps, it was powered by propellant which was forced into a high pressure combustion chamber.
It comes equipped with a small camera to take pictures.
With that information at your disposal, you are well equipped to determine whether you need to make changes to your course.
They should be equipped with the basics of civilised life, including water filters and solar panels.
It also was equipped with a remotely operated arm that was used to recover the heavy anchors.
Newer cameras are equipped with anti-red-eye features.
At first glance, great snipes don't look especially speedy or well equipped for such an arduous journey.
The fish are equipped with onboard sensors that use lasers to detect the oil.
The rugged, rocky boundary between sea and shore is a playground for the well equipped and wild-spirited.
The difference is that the larger cell is equipped to repair all sorts of regularly occurring insults.
The ship is equipped with what is basically a scientific-grade fish finder.
Barnacles living in gentle waters have long, thin penises best equipped for maximum reach, the study found.
But the researchers say they expected the icy landscape to be extremely solid and that the lander is equipped for the job.
Today's hierarchical pyramid isn't equipped to tackle tomorrow's challenges.
The idea of a citizen army equipped with hunting rifles and hand guns repelling a modern invading army is laughable.
They bestride the top of the food chain and are well equipped to defend themselves in nature.
It is a center of excellence, equipped with locally trained health care workers and lab technicians.
The author of this history comes equipped for this task with advantages special to himself.
Corridors are wide and gleaming, operating theatres newly equipped.
Sharks are well equipped to locate prey even when visibility is poor.
If you're among them, you're golden: fully equipped basic machines command a small fraction of last year's prices.
Evolution equipped them with small ears, short muzzles, and thick fur to minimize heat loss.
It is equipped with radar and infrared, as well as optical sensors.
Focus on how you've encouraged your students to work when they weren't equipped to succeed.
Farm vehicles equipped with global-positioning-system locaters automatically mix and apply the prescribed dose to each area.
Anyone that can't get that concept isn't equipped to be in this debate.
We are not equipped professionally or financially to handle these problems.
Filipinos know that their police are poorly trained, equipped and paid, riddled with corruption and prone to unnecessary violence.
It's one thing to tell students to use a better-funded or equipped library to supplement what you have.
Equipped with a focusing mechanism to regulate the beam from a tight spot to a wide flood.
The study penguins were equipped with tiny sensors inside their air sacs.
We asked things of government that government was not equipped to give.
And yet persons equipped with neither may perceive the magnificent vigor of the narrative.
As a lawyer, tho admirably equipped for the profession, he can scarcely be said to have entered on its practise.
Persons equipped with special authority will operate these arrests.
In a country that is not equipped for heat, this is an emergency.
But now a new threat has appeared: camera-equipped mobile phones.
In addition to a third of a million volumes, the building contains well-equipped meeting rooms and computer labs.
Radar-equipped cruise control allows vehicles to adjust their speed automatically in traffic.
Governments with limited resources are often ill-equipped to monitor a profusion of local and regional newspapers.
Anyone looking for information has never been better equipped.
Equipped with three sizes of silicone tips, you can pick the best fit for your ears, which helps with noise isolation.
Each room is also equipped with a refrigerator, hair dryer, coffee maker and air conditioning.
All sites are equipped with electricity, water, fire ring and picnic table.
All rooms are bright and airy with large windows and come equipped with a fan and air conditioning.
Units are equipped with telephone and cable television.
Each room is air-conditioned and equipped with a refrigerator and coffeemaker.
The on-site fitness center is large and equipped with state-of-the-art treadmills and stationary bikes.
Some rooms are equipped with a microwave and refrigerator.
Virus surveillance systems are ill-equipped to detect mutations arising in flu viruses.
All of these spacecraft are equipped should they chance upon intelligent life elsewhere in the cosmos.
Computer scientists and engineers have also equipped mobile systems with arms and hands for manipulating objects.
In a non-native habitat, fish become susceptible to parasites, diseases and predators that they are not equipped to fend off.
Existing nearby facilities are not equipped to burn it.
All observation ports will have to be equipped with light filters.
Choice requires both information and consumers who are well equipped to use it.
But this part of our moral vocabulary is ill equipped to address the hardest questions posed by genetic engineering.
They said they are understaffed and ill-equipped to protect the campus.
Colleges and universities are well-equipped to find last-minute part-time replacements for their contracts.
Some of the buildings would be equipped with solar-energy systems that could produce more electricity than the buildings consumed.
Well, universities by and large are ill-equipped to meet the new standards this decision seems to require.
It was ill-equipped to care for such items, and accepting that gift would not have bolstered its primary purpose.
Those offices, he says, are equipped with phones and computers.
He is equipped to take everything apart but not to put anything together.
And, no, teachers are not equipped to teach this kind of complexity or skill level.
They will be light weight and equipped with pockets for food capsules, which she will eat instead of meat and potatoes.
Both the skeleton and the keel were equipped with as many as sixty bone or ivory bearings that.
Try urinating in a camera-equipped elevator in public housing and the police will come knocking.
The police were equipped with flak jackets, tear gas launchers shotguns, and telescopic rifles.
Those soldiers who did exist were so poorly equipped that they didn't have a chance.
They were well equipped: they carried shovels and hammers, and they had made their own lamps run off car batteries.
Watches and travel clocks keep you equipped for any situation.
Dogs are not equipped with the protective enzymes that allow humans to imbibe reasonable amounts of alcohol without harm.
The fossa is also equipped with a long tail that comes in handy while hunting and maneuvering amongst the tree branches.
It's equipped with an autopilot device that's programmed to seek out and fly in thermals.
Equipped with this data, the team then plugged in the climate change models, which all predict various decreases in rainfall.
But cruising on a fully equipped yacht is the secret to privacy and the key to mounting the ultimate island-hopping expedition.
Air taxis are equipped to land on lakes and gravel bars for drop-offs and pickups.
The trainer also equipped the apes with face masks, which measured how much oxygen the apes were using to fuel their movements.
There were popular stars in the past equipped with their own rotunda.
And, sadly, many are not educated or equipped with the skills to do anything else.
It equipped missionaries with small airplanes and sent them winging south.
Since their sail-equipped whaleboats could travel only with the wind, their options were limited.
Fortunately for us, your island happens to be equipped with a state-of-the-art workshop and a huge supply of car parts.
Bundles of yellow wires will carry the data to a computer-equipped truck sitting out back.
He then swapped the box for one equipped with a square lock and gave the children three different keys.
But the satellites are equipped with clocks that are much more precise than the clock in a gps receiver.
Despite being well prepared and fully equipped there are certain to be unanticipated problems that cannot be remedied.
Its kind of pitiful that such an awesome, well equipped, and highly expensive helicopter crashed on such an important mission.
Science has yet to demonstrate it is equipped at making these complex, societal determinations.
The egg comes equipped with different proteins in its different zones.
Any well-equipped tailgating is going to have a fair amount of equipment for cooking and serving food and drinks.
Several of them are equipped with bloated, ridiculous phalli.
Writer wondered if it was an accident that local reporters were so ill-equipped for the job.
Police vans, full of more officers and some equipped with water cannons, waited behind them.
They were simply not cognitively equipped to endure it without mental breakdowns.
Laptops equipped with lithium-ion batteries occasionally overheat and catch fire.
The robot is equipped with sensors and a small camera, which wirelessly relays video to a laptop.
Gadgets would need to be equipped with a coil and special power-harvesting circuitry to use the power pad.
The wheelchair is equipped with two webcams to help it detect obstacles and avoid them.
Some of this technology can be found in well-equipped laboratories today, but not in homes.
The prototype was equipped with electrodes to measure electric signals produced by muscle and brain activity.
For example, the fingers can be equipped with touch sensors to signal a computer that an object has been successfully grasped.
Routing ambulances to cardiac surgery-equipped hospitals more cost-effective than building more such hospitals.
Couples marry later, so they are more likely to have equipped their kitchens and linen closets already.
It lays out a scenario for using limousines to deliver bombs equipped with cylinders of a flammable gas.
It provides a first-rate education on two well-equipped campuses.

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