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The whole shebang reaches a kind of balance called hydrostatic equilibrium.
After the avalanche a new state of equilibrium is established.
Sometimes a bad mix can cause dizziness or a loss of equilibrium.
He believed, as the classicists do, that economies reach an equilibrium.
The revelation throws off her already-shaky emotional equilibrium.
We'll see how long this equilibrium lasts, but it feels good for now.
The equilibrium shape of a rotating star--or planet, for that matter--is not a sphere, but rather an flattened oblate spheroid.
This equilibrium is observable when atmospheric carbon dioxide is measured.
Steve's call upset my equilibrium.
Nathanial has reduced the issue, correctly in my opinion, to the basic punctuated equilibrium position.
Wheel-speed sensors and an accelerometer measure its velocity and a gyroscope controls equilibrium and direction.
If the system settles into harmony and equilibrium, it will eventually stagnate and die.
Life is rarely static, rarely in a state of stable equilibrium.
Often it is in a condition of unstable equilibrium, with continual oscillations one way and the other.
Under normal conditions misconceptions are self-correcting, and the markets tend toward some kind of equilibrium.
The basic idea was that at some point, the equilibrium wages for workers might fall below the level needed for subsistence.
People have gained all the weight they can and are in equilibrium.
It's an equilibrium you have between different things, between ballads and techno energy, and between the past and the future.
Their basic conjecture is that life is an emergent phenomena that occurs in systems that are far out of equilibrium.
In this case, the particles always reach some point of equilibrium where the intensity reaches a maximum.
However, the imbalance between basic life needs and rampant consumerism has upset the equilibrium of nature.
Whether they exist today in delicate equilibrium or constant tension depends on whom you ask.
He has lost the ability to turn the corner, and now resorts to an equilibrium-destroying spin move on every other drive.
In the world of terrorism studies, the rhetoric of righteousness gives way to equilibrium equations.
In the week ahead, don't lose your equilibrium when things don't go your way.
We shouldn't fear settling into a lesser equilibrium, with unused capital and ski-high unemployment.
Half-measures will result in a new equilibrium, but one that is still too heavy.
Eventually, no doubt, farmers will respond to higher prices by growing more and a new equilibrium will be established.
The equilibrium remains delicate, but important parameters appear to have been fixed for the time being.
For, one way or another, supply and demand will find an equilibrium.
Over the generations this process of swapping mixes the genes up thoroughly, and an equilibrium emerges.
To bring the ratio of prices to rents back to equilibrium, either rents must rise sharply or prices must fall.
Some endure simply because they have reached an equilibrium.
Of course, there are times when economists are prepared to say that a market equilibrium is not maximising social welfare.
Suppose bullish investors push prices above their equilibrium level.
Theoretically speaking, there is no operational model could identify the equilibrium exchange rate.
It takes time to find an internal equilibrium on a global scale.
However this would not imply that this collective equilibrium is socially efficient or desirable in any meaningful sense.
In principle, there should be some equilibrium between the two.
It isn't an equilibrium-seeking, entropy-maximizing process that operates through second-law effects.
It's really quite straightforward, but it doesn't lend itself to mainstream equilibrium economics in mathematical form.
When the equilibrium price goes down, some suppliers get priced out of the market.
To hear mainstream commentators, the food crisis is but a temporary lapse in market equilibrium.
The equilibrium is through a market mechanism not through central planning.
Equilibrium is a defined state and is really used to describe a theoretical condition where time derivatives are set to zero.
Some earthquakes will completely release the stress of a region, and then it's in equilibrium.
Any project is going to change the equilibrium and establish a different ecosystem.
In response, a power plant shut down, destabilizing the system's equilibrium.
Populations tend to crash rather than reach a graceful equilibrium.
For it is only where polar extremes meet does one find equilibrium.
In the end, population must reach equilibrium with the earths capacity.
The resulting equilibrium would establish itself automatically, with no need of complicated bureaucratic measures.
So it would seem that space, the vacuum, is an equilibrium state in which fluctuation happens.
In any such large group of objects, the system trends toward equilibrium.
Physicists use the term entropy to describe how far a system is from equilibrium.
You're example shows two systems in equilibrium, which evolves into one system in equilibrium.
Different groups will find their own stable equilibrium points.
In any chemical reaction, there are always some reactants left, in a state called equilibrium.
The equilibrium of the atmosphere is maintained, occasionally,by hurricanes.
It's an equilibrium thing, and this event is a bit dynamic.
There is an equilibrium that defines the level of water in the atmosphere.
The heat resulting from industry really has no effect, but shifting the thermal equilibrium with greenhouse gases does.
The stratosphere would have to cool to restore equilibrium.
Prices for material goods tend toward equilibrium, depending on supply and demand.
Equilibrium doesn't really apply to the market for new ideas.
It thrills him, but for some reason it does not upset his nervous equilibrium.
Although he spoke with gravity about issues that concern him, he seemed to retain his sense of equilibrium and his sense of fun.

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