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Example sentences for equatorial

Tropical storms need warm water, moist air, and converging equatorial winds to become hurricanes.
The path he took was new to him, and in the heavy equatorial heat, his dysentery returned.
It tends to be thickest over equatorial regions and thinnest over the poles.
Beneath the diverging air, surface pressure drops and an equatorial trough develops.
The exposed rock reflects the heat of the equatorial sun and drives away rain.
Equatorial glaciers will melt and river-flows fall, even as demand for water rises.
Ask them if they think there are any seasons at all in equatorial regions.
Otherwise, patrons rely on a battery of oscillating fans to stir the equatorial air as they hunch over their food.
As the equatorial air warms up, it expands and rises.
They dwell in equatorial rainforests and are characterized by their short mean stature.
True planets form in roughly the equatorial plane of the sun, occupying specific, permanent orbits.
But it revealed many surface streaks, particularly in the equatorial region.
In order to survive in the equatorial sun, they needed to cool their brains.
Others accuse the colonial powers of disrupting the equatorial societies, so that they have lost control of their environment.
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