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It tends to be thickest over equatorial regions and thinnest over the poles.
Such storms arise to adjust imbalances that occur as the atmosphere transfers latent heat from the equator to the poles.
In addition, as you move away from the equator, smaller changes in altitude make a bigger difference in habitat conditions.
The orbit of the satellite is inclined 33 degrees to the equator.
It was midafternoon, and being near the equator in late January, it was above 90 degrees.
The sun returns to the equator on March 21, the spring equinox.
At the equator, the Sun is overhead at noon.
Declination is often used to orient to the stars, in relationship to the celestial equator.
But sunlight is strongest in the day, at the equator and in summer.
Its glossy sheen was fading, its arctic circle receding; the blue line of its equator quaked and bulged.
Generally, the farther an area is from the equator, the longer and colder are its winters.
Scattered and delicate fibers are also attached to the region of the equator itself.
Equator won praise for snappy performance and crisp handling.
The species might be in the early stages of moving southward, trying to escape rising temperatures closer to the equator.
The equator radiates much more heat because it has a higher temperature.
There are pole and equator shifts cities are buried under the ocean they are all over the world.
Other parts near the equator may be receiving more heat from the warmer air above.
Also, there tend to be fewer diseases and pests further from the equator so that may have inspired migration.
Ocean currents carrying heat to the poles need the polar ice to chill the water and cause it to sink and flow back to the equator.
Perhaps your weather is more stable nearer the equator.
People who live closer to the equator are darker skinned than people who live further away.
If you want ice-water, you won't live near the equator.
It's probably no coincidence that in drier forests, further from the equator, there are no extremely tiny frogs.
Or there may be a sudden influx of cold polar water toward the equator.
If filmed from the equator, it could go more or less straight down.
Ultimately the heat cycle is trying to balance the cooler poles with the warmer equator.
It's rotation makes it slightly wider at the equator than it is between the two poles.
These bands of flowing material first appear near the sun's poles and migrate toward the equator.
Equinoxes occur at the point in a planet's orbit when the sun shines directly on the planet's equator.
It formed so close to the equator that its winds howled in both hemispheres.
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