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The last part is the hardest: what is the appropriate balance between the desire to equate and inefficiency that it induces.
It is a common fallacy to equate the recently revived art of the countertenor with the presumably unrevivable art of the castrato.
Professional letters do not equate with dry and boring.
However, strong leadership does not equate to bullying and murdering your own people.
If two stimuli are delivered at exactly the same time, even snails will equate the stimuli.
The latter interpretation, even if it doesn't match consumers' expectations, doesn't necessarily equate to fraud.
But biological changes don't necessarily equate to a health risk.
It is a bone you could equate to a keystone of an arch-the stone that keeps an arch from falling in on itself.
Finally, you shrug when someone remarks that it may not be a good idea to equate soup with freedom of speech.
It has long been a cliché that muscle bulk doesn't equate to intelligence.
In short, she seems to equate strong with big, effectiveness with ambition.
It's disingenuous to equate lawful prescription medications with illegal recreational drugs.
Your interlocutor may mistakenly equate today's online degrees with the seedy correspondence courses of yore.
Many high-end businesses are even able to mark up, rather than discount, items to attract customers who equate quality with price.
Homogenization, efficiency and calculability do not equate with expertise or strength.
But that doesn't equate with avoiding it or throwing it out due to its age.
But it's a mistake to equate peer production with anticapitalism.
To equate strict enforcement of the laws and intolerance for abhorrent behavior with lack of due process is misguided.
Don't forget that memorizing does not equate to learning.
We all know expectation does not equate with prediction.
It is wrong to equate evolution with the origin of species.
But modern tools of destruction were not available to them--one cannot equate malice merely with the body count.
And to equate human behavior to animal behavior is a distasteful slur on mankind.
It is quite another thing to equate what is produced with what is allowed to escape into the environment.
More patients and more hours do not equate to better care.
It is disingenuous to equate a poor business plan with an innovation in higher education.
That's a good point, but it might be a bit hasty to equate longevity with good health.
More a tribe than a party, its members equate morality with loyalty rather than with principled dissent.
Worse yet, to speak of this is simply to equate human worth with biological longevity.
Somehow they've come to equate incessant babbling with competence and status.
Conflict, of course, does not necessarily equate to war.
Its efforts to equate patriotism with support for the party leave many patriots who are critics of the party feeling left out.
The problem is that it is full of people who equate national democracy with selfishness and populism.
Yet the temptation to equate essayists with their essayistic selves is seemingly irrepressible.
Taking care of the people does not equate to giving them money.
But to equate them with criminal behavior makes little practical or humane sense.
Providing financially does not equate to supporting you emotionally.
Many students equate verbosity with intellectualism.
But harvesting the cells typically requires the destruction of an embryo, which critics equate with the taking of a life.
Dollars do not automatically equate to security deliverables.
If you mentally equate poverty with hunger, then denying the hunger means denying the poverty.
It is an oversimplification to equate unnecessary surgery with a fee.
For example, a common putting tip is that longer backswings equate to longer putts.
For exactly the reasons mentioned above, it is not possible to equate brain size with either intelligence or cognitive abilities.
Adding random fluctuations does not equate to not deterministic but to not being predictable.
Of course, the inclusive excursions also equate to substantial savings over cruises where you'd pay for the excursions.
The third mistake is to equate influence on the margins with influence over essentials.
However, correlation does not always equate to causation.
The size of an economy does not equate to the size of the consumer market.
Some people here equate high taxes with a loss of jobs.
That's the whole point of the empirical method, and to equate it with faith is to do a disservice to both ideas.
But suppose you want to equate the rat's learned behavior with a human's experience of acquired fear.
Also, it's really a mistake to equate synaptic events with calculations in a computer.
It is false to equate diversity of ideas with diversity in race or gender.
Don't try to equate their motion relative to the ground with the wind conditions on the ground.
The problem is that, as the continually quoted saying goes, correlation does not equate to causation.
One hundred applications do not equate to one hundred applicants who are good fits for the exact position that is under review.
Whatever choice they make, should at minimum equate some academic discipline in a college atmosphere.
Education does not merely equate to acquiring new information.
Supporters of engagement should not equate dialogue with concessions.
At the same time, size doesn't always equate to worth.
The gambit is that people will attribute celebrity status to him and equate it with political qualification.

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