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From adolescence to high school to college, the technology literally becomes almost this great equalizer.
Scholarship is the great equalizer when one is considering faculty promotions to full professor and the ideas don't matter.
Guns are the great equalizer because you are quite wrong about one thing.
Such information, if you can get it, is a great equalizer.
The future of higher education as a public good or as the great equalizer has been called into question.
Education is a great equalizer, and is the only way for people who are poor to advance.
It's an equalizer and an important tool for empowerment.
The array eliminates crossover distortion, though it requires an included equalizer.
Because of this, science is inherently antiauthoritarian, and a great equalizer of political power.
As the room filled up, it was tempting to view genetics as a great equalizer.
Biotechnology could be a great equalizer, spreading wealth over the world wherever there is land and air and water and sunlight.
The great equalizer in this country is the education system.
Democracy prevailed in the end, however, as the great equalizer was sweat and patchy cell-phone service.
Philosophy, social studies, humanities and sensibilities are what will be the common equalizer of us all.
In any armed conflict, guerrilla tactics can be an equalizer.
If external equalizer lines are required, make connection where it will reflect suction-line pressure at bulb location.
On tank batteries, this line is used regularly and is often referred to as an equalizer line.
Used wisely and well, time can be the academic equalizer.
Skimmers shall be connected to either an equalizer line or a main drain.
Equalizer and dedicated vacuum lines must have approved outlet fittings.
Equalizer lines and the pump protection requirement.

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And when we get too far apart in wealth, 'Twas his idea that for the public health, So that the poor won't have to steal... more
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