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The guiding principal for us was to try to construct more equality and quality of life.
America is built on the idea of political equality.
In their time, the notion of equality was almost literally unthinkable.
It undermines the principle of equality, which can have far-reaching effects.
The struggle for dignity and equality continues.
In the social or economic sense, it means equality of social or economic status.
Indeed, the hard knocks of elitism built on equality were on view on a recent Friday night.
Indeed, the evolution of equality is rarely organic.
The equality debate is a worthy discussion but diferent one and one that cannot be addressed at the expense of the environment.
This is definitely another important step forward towards equality for all.
There appears to be a homology between the principle of equality of the theory of relativity and the law of quantum entanglement.
Of the people, by the people, and for the people presumes differences of creature but equality of access to power.
The problem is that in order to promote equality you often have to limit freedom.
So, to maintain equality, you must do to one side what you do to the other side.
Abandoning universal service need not mean abandoning equality.
There are no individuals within a totalitarian state, for there is universal equality.
Many people work for equality of the races and the genders.
Another point worthy of note is the emphasis placed on equality and equity.
Later, that sense of equality became difficult to maintain.
The important thing, she insists, is that you must have deep down as the deepest thing in you a sense of equality.
There seems to be a presumption that more equality equates with lower growth.
Second and more importantly, equality of opportunity may be harder to achieve in an unequal society.
We know that a society with perfect equality does not grow at the fastest possible rate.
The one, so they claim, leaves people free while the other wrongly infringes freedom on behalf of equality.
It rides high in regional rankings for health care, education, public safety and equality.
Democracy presupposes equality before the law, due process and political pluralism.
Equality is measurable, fairness in the eye of the beholder.
He also promised an increased emphasis on gender equality and economic growth.
Because cowboys believe in law, and reduce democracy to people's equality before it: ie, to the well-policed prairie.
They meant to set forth a principle of equality that would be applied over time to new situations and new conditions.
Equality of concern and respect for citizens is an independent requirement.
But when food starts to run out, and survival becomes paramount, such equality is the first thing to go.
For some people, equality is one of the things that they try to achieve whenever they're making decisions.
Americans, by and large, fly the banner of liberty and equality.
He had already affirmed the mental and moral equality of all peoples.
Unlike politics, high-energy physics doesn't care about equality.
Although it would be more accurate to say opportunity-equality versus outcome-equality.
It may seem obvious to choose a scheme of universal equality, ie one where each individual's well-being counts equally.
It is unconscionable to drag boys into this tragedy in order to promote gender equality.
The lessons and values taught in their movies are strong and plant the seeds of great ideas of equality and humanity.
Because their functions are different, all talk of equality or non-equality is but idle words, without a meaning.
Beginning in the universities, many of them sought ways to accept gender differences without sacrificing equality.
Gender equality would undermine patriarchy, and with it, clerical authority.
The ideas introduced were revolutionary at the time: global cooperation, acceptance of foreign values, and equality of races.
In the forties and fifties a lot of the impetus behind the organizing on behalf of social equality was catalyzed by unions.
Peace, unity and equality are the enemies of political subtleties.
We have demanded of them simply, solely-nothing else-to give us equality, security and tranquillity.
The bishops and all their officials must be removed and complete equality of ministers be established.
Do not let us forget, however, that the demand for equality in a group applies only to its members and not to the leader.
Many educated and, otherwise, sensible persons appeared to believe that emancipation meant social equality.
Equality of rights must prevail, and our laws be always and everywhere respected and obeyed.

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