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One is that things are not, in fact, fair and equal.
If you expect equal pay for equal work, you're not the only species to have a sense of fair play.
Yet scholars worry that some students may forget that fluency does not equal understanding.
The vernal equinox-one of two times each year when night and day are officially of equal length-is upon us.
As with everything there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Regarding teachers' use of sarcasm, it is not professional because sarcasm is appropriate only among persons of equal status.
We have to use two when baking to equal one regular one.
In other words, all changes in risk are not created equal.
In reality it is the elevation of a select few with the equal poverty of all the rest.
Plastic is a big part of food storage and packaging, but not all plastics are created equal.
When you hoist two items of equal weight, your brain may be doing some heavy lifting.
But how to make a big breakthrough, well, that is equal parts chance and voodoo.
Find out how great cooking can equal great energy savings.
The chances of suffering heart problems are not equal throughout the day.
Both you and the sailor would have equal claim to being right-the motion of the rock is relative to whoever is observing it.
By hanging a pale piece of art on a pale wall, it becomes an equal player in a sweet tableau, instead of the focal point.
The farad is the humongous unit of capacitance, equal to one coulomb per volt.
So in forward flight each rotor can produce an equal amount of lift on each side, thus providing balance.
If you expect equal pay for equal work, blame evolution.
When it comes to tolerating spicy foods, not all mouths are created equal.
It says cars and commercial aircraft come out roughly equal.
If the big bang and the universe it created were symmetrical, they reason, equal amounts of matter and antimatter should exist.
First, branches spread out in almost equal threes, creating weak crotches that are likely to split.
Often the amount of ethanol created is equal to or less than the amount of fossil fuels needed to run the facility.
Based on this information they should be about equal in brightness as well.
Of equal interest is the evolutionary origin of spoken language itself.
These are lines that connect points that have equal elevation.
Previously they could bid for all concessions on equal terms.
Add an equal amount of egg tempera base, then mix the base and the pigment with a paintbrush until smooth.
Blocks of color, either the same hue or different ones of about equal tonal value, can lend depth.
Cookies will bake more evenly if they spend equal time on the top and bottom racks of the oven.
In fact, the weight of all the ants in the world is equal to the weight of all the humans.
It's greed and the fact that money makes you more equal than others in our supposedly equal society.
Most studies find that babies resemble both parents in approximately equal measures.
Equal opposite reaction would mean he would not be able to move or start rotating.
It may seem obvious that one should weight countries by population, giving every individual in the world equal weight.
If the beam is centered directly between the cells, equal amounts of light will shine on each of them.
Time spent in an airplane on a commercial flight is not equal.
They would be required to work in intelligence for a time equal to the period for which their studies were subsidized.
If they're really looking for equality, then it should be possible for all to have an equal chance at the position.
If you are returning an item received as a gift, you may exchange it for another item of equal value.
There was thus no obvious head of the table, and everyone involved had an equal status.
Four irrepressible friends head out to sea in the latest installment in a first-reader series that has no equal.
The core also reveals that not all ice ages are created equal.
In terminal velocity, the air resistance is equal to the weight.
Some of us are equal, but some are more equal than others.
It can navigate golf courses, retirement communities and trade fairs with equal ease.
Both problems generate equal swells of voltage at the amplifier's two inputs.
As a consequence, position times momentum does not equal momentum times position.
About an equal percentage of injuries occurred while the victims were swimming.
Fives are not equal and every human must look backward over earlier mistakes.
The reverse process is what the accelerator is doing to create equal amounts of matter and antimatter.
Equal when people are angry on the phone, you do not have to understand the words, you see it in their gestures and on their face.
Researchers say that this helps the penguins get equal chance at time in the middle of the huddle.
Add roughly equal amounts of cooked cabbage or whatever vegetables you have lying around-spinach, peas, or sliced sprouts.
Some nutrition labels note whether a nondairy milk's calcium supplement is equal to the calcium in cow's milk.
Not all fat is created equal-and our bodies do need some fat to function.
The set-up is similar to the human arm, which has upper and forearms of roughly equal lengths, the scientists say.
Mix equal parts of cold flaked salmon and hot mashed potatoes.
Take equal parts of cold flaked fish and cold boiled potatoes finely chopped.
Fold into the mixture, and drop by spoonfuls on a sheet dredged with corn-starch and powdered sugar in equal proportions.
Drain, and again cover, using equal parts cold water and milk.
Often you hear that day and night are equal length on the spring and fall equinox, but that's not the case.
All waivers are not created equal as the terms of one can vary significantly from another.
But don't be fooled by the old rumor that on the spring equinox the length of day is exactly equal to the length of night.
The three remaining patches were of different shapes but equal in area to the connected patch plus its corridor.
The dealer takes enough cards from the deck to equal the number of players.
Put one of each in the bottom of four equal sized plastic beverage containers.
On topographic maps, the lines connect points of equal elevation.
On bathymetric maps, they connect points of equal depth.
Affirmative action was designed to ensure equal opportunity for all individuals.
Part timers who want equal pay for equal work want, yes, pay parity.
GM has bet the farm on this car, which has been hyped and hated in equal measure.
These are enormous, timeless questions, and only recently has our technological prowess become equal to the task.
Even if it is not an equal marriage, it is a marriage of equals.
It now seems likely that medical science is on the brink of a finding of equal significance.
Highly unequal countries display a lower growth effect than more equal countries.
Put abstractly, government may be called on to foster or restore equal liberty.
It is an economic truism that savings must equal investment.
These predictions come with a strong caveat: correlation does not equal causation.
Debtors of all kinds find that their securities are no longer the equal of their debts.
Not only do they want land that is equal in size, they also want land that is equal in quality.
Having lived for roughly equal amounts of time in each, he seemed without direction in either.
In respect of civil rights, all citizens are equal before the law.
The boiling point becomes equal to the freezing point.
Elevated counts on these two tests equal diminishing kidney function.
We would be doing number experiments where one plus one is supposed to equal two.
All things equal, maritime locations will generally have more precipitation than inland locations.
She was cutting red strings into long equal lengths.
Charm and quarrelsomeness in equal parts are necessary.
House is equal parts brilliant diagnostician and-oh, dear-sulfurous churl, wounded in body and in spirit.
Domestic items offered are of equal importance, each food selected with scrupulous care.
In the world of tipped economies, equal opportunity loses to the reinforcement of prejudices dangerous to society.
It is so good that they eat it hot, cold, or lukewarm with equal gusto.
One life is equal to another now, rank is an anachronism.
The labor movement grew slowly-spilling blood, rage, and resistance in equal parts-but it grew.
Unit sets seldom satisfy all the dramaturgical needs of a production with equal success.
They have no opinions of their own to contribute and no rights to participate with equal voice or vote in politics.
So in the case of an ideal bottle, the rate of decay should be equal to the beta decay rate.
The next step is a catalyst-based process for converting syngas into equal parts ethanol and methanol.
If the embryo is healthy, each set of reference chromosomes should have an equal amount of red and green.
It makes equal sense to propose that communications companies enter the power business.
The cost of few lawsuits can more than equal the cost of an electronic medical record system for a physician.
It was a bold experiment, composed of equal portions of hubris and folly.
The first stages of a political implosion are equal parts theater, sport, and fantasy.
All courtiers are created equal because all have access to the king, though from time to time some are more equal than others.
He's pleased that the re-write calls for conservation and visitor enjoyment to be given equal weight.
Form for filing a equal accommodation discrimination complaint.

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