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Example sentences for eponymous

Unfortunately, the intermediating minister baptizes the infant with the eponymous name, ensuring Tristram's unhappy destiny.
The book deals with the murder of its eponymous heroine.
His eponymous 2005 debut album drew critical praise and sold nearly half a million copies.
Its eponymous founder and chief executive denied any intention to acquire either of its competitors.
It is a fictionalised biography of the eponymous German actress and singer.
The eponymous giant builds a high wall to keep children from playing in his lush garden.
That's the sentiment of the eponymous sourpuss, who can't stand the doting of his owner, a blissfully happy girl named Emily.
The eponymous hero has a gift for mimicry.
Leon designs the store's eponymous men's line with his sartorial needs in mind.
The eponymous young heroine of that book seized responsibility for the life her father had destroyed.
Goldberg and his eponymous machines have inspired engineers and comedians alike for decades.
Yelp's eponymous chatter on the street can seem an invaluable resource for knowing what customers think.
Sixty-some locals packed the eponymous back room to ped-lock density.
It turns out that his predictions of the return of his eponymous comet was one of his less significant discoveries.
Will show his eponymous collection as a presentation rather than a show.
The falsely outraged host will reportedly address this slight on his eponymous pretend cable news program later this evening.
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