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It looks like they abandoned this place early on in the colonial epoch.
Broadly speaking, there have been two great epochs in our history, each with its own dominant national purpose.
The epoch dates from 1.8 million to 10000 years ago.
The first epoch extended from the middle of the 18th Century down through the 19th.
His guys lost three straight and their season was over and so was their epoch.
They really were the pioneers of the modern epoch.
It is in this weakness that we will probably find the secret of the contradictions of our epoch.
Its the start of a new epoch in human history.
The fiction stimulated fact in an epoch when scheduled public travel was speeding up under steam.
This epoch had life and intelligence in it.
Gen-Y is still emerging on the scene with their gadgets and an epoch-making sense of autonomy.
The attempt of this debate was never a sham but an epoch.
Forms of figurative sculpture became the epoch's artistic tuning fork.
They fomented a grand multi-epoch plan to humble us, to take over being the alphas.
You'll find yourself in the same place but in a distant epoch.
The discovery of extraterrestrial life will mark an epoch in a way that even the moonshot did not.
But photography of late has entered a brave new epoch.
The central paradox of the epoch has never been better phrased.
Nineteen thirty-one was a year that marked the end of one epoch and the beginning of another.
His career was unusual even in a revolutionary epoch.
Previous fossils purportedly from this epoch have been fragmentary and were not well dated.
The snapshots represent an epoch in the early universe when galaxies were believed to be tiny toddlers.
From the earliest epoch of her conscious life, she had entered upon this as her appointed mission.
It was, in spite of its notable artists, on an entirely different level from the epoch which had preceded it.
But another microscopic era-an epoch of absolute regeneration-has commenced, dating from about twenty years ago.
By adding more snapshots to their cosmic album, however, they can forge a link between one epoch and the next.
In addition, orbital elements from tracking data are available for an epoch almost a day later suggesting it is still in orbit.
Historically though, it looks as though we've relieved way more stress than our epoch's share.
But the real prize would be the detection of a signal from the epoch of re-ionization.
It is our skewed, partial view of an ancient cosmic epoch called recombination.
But climate must be seen as a long term science, covering an epoch of hundreds if not thousands of years.

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