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For me, he is the epitome of the engaged scholar-citizen.
Rockefeller was the epitome of the monopolist who sought to corner industrial production in certain commodities.
My policies are the epitome of fair.
Mr Takeshima is the epitome of the well-rounded establishment figure.
The picture of an electric car traffic jam would be the epitome of failure to change life styles.
He was the epitome of the laid-back man.
He will effortlessly represent him as the epitome of the bad old days.
The passage is almost a generalized epitome of his Revolutionary romances.
The novel is thus an epitome of the whole career of the most memorable character American fiction has given to the world.
Long before the phrase "student-athlete" was in vogue, he was the epitome of it.
Federal firearms legislation is the epitome of the fox watching the henhouse.
To turn it around and imply that one must therefore accept everything unproven as real is the epitome of poor logic.
Crocodiles and alligators are the epitome of stealth.
And then the statesman's countrymen object to his picture being presented as the epitome of our advanced state.
But for much of that time its politics has been the epitome of dullness.
She is the epitome of what's wrong with this country.
It is in every way the true epitome of a muscle car.
It must, accordingly, have a cultural life of its own and its citizens must be the epitome of the moral virtues.
He is the epitome of professionalism and excellence under fire.

Famous quotes containing the word epitome

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