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Example sentences for epistolary

The epistolary novel has a distinguished ancestry and is a notoriously difficult form.
It takes courage to adapt an epistolary novel for the screen, particularly one as psychologically complex as this one.
Gurney has written an evocative epistolary account of two charter members of the privileged set.
Lodge's form is a computerized variation on the epistolary.
Everyone speaks slightly stilted, epistolary dialogue.
Nevin's epistolary example of shooting oneself in the intellect.
Their epistolary friendship, the equivalent of meeting online today, becomes a romance.
Epistolary romance seems to have existed as long as romance itself.
The two embark on an epistolary relationship and tentatively begin to open up to each other.
Use for the author of a dedication, which may be a formal statement or in epistolary or verse form.
Its epistolary form also permitted him to evade his weaknesses as a novelist and harness his strengths.

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