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Complete and perfect understanding: an epistemological heaven in which all is revealed.
In short, students would develop their own epistemological awareness vis-a-vis the humanities.
For a senior politician to grapple with serious epistemological questions, and to do so publicly, is as commendable as it is rare.
Effects of epistemological beliefs and learning text structure on conceptual change.
We need to ask about data's ontological and epistemological nature.
Here the plot is an epistemological inquiry, as is the movie's meticulous, obsessive form.
Scientism is evidently a direct result of that weird, epistemological patricide.
We're going through a rapidly accelerating epistemological sea change.
Well, first there's what you might gently call an epistemological problem.
Second, it is the only known epistemological system in which every claim can be independently re-derived.
The basic epistemological conundrum of cinema has been there from the start.
With regard to the free market acting irrationally sometimes, you've fallen into an epistemological trap.
Useful as these categories are in an epistemological sense, practically speaking, they have one failing.
But from a practical rather than epistemological perspective.
Of course quantum mechanics has its epistemological interpretation of the wave function.
In short, its genealogy is epistemological rather than geographic.
There are, thus, occasions when the careful epistemological explication of a concept is not sufficient to bring about learning.

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It is characteristic of the epistemological tradition to present us with partial scenarios and then to dema... more
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