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Example sentences for episodic

Of course all of this has been widely reported and prompts episodic hand-wringing.
More often, despite episodic spasms of rage, the broader culture has worn a smile rather than a frown.
Three of these areas have previously been linked with the formation of episodic memories, which are a kind of long-term memory.
One, known as autobiographical or episodic memory, records the experiences themselves.
Without me as a character, my serial adventures would have felt too episodic.
The problem is that modern society requires constant, not episodic, attention to keep it running.
As the years lapsed the comparison became more acute as my memory became episodic.
But the popular acclaim of dinosaurs has been fitful and episodic.
The only challenging thing is the endurance of an hour episodic series.
We are also looking at a couple of smaller games, some episodic content potentially, as well.
That's the nature of a story that is episodic but not epic.
As was the case hundreds of years ago, our present disorder is not episodic but chronic.
Both episodic tension-type headache and chronic daily headache affect quality of life.
The episodic film looks at different aspects of life on one such modern kibbutz.
The film is loosely structured and episodic as it simultaneously follows the stories of a number of characters.
He is unashamed to immerse this tough-minded, episodic film noir in freshets of melodrama.
The story is long and episodic, but its larger trajectory is not always evident.
Obesity and caffeine overuse are other factors that may increase the risk of episodic migraine transforming to chronic migraine.
The film has the episodic structure and small scale of cinema verite, and the narrative frame of a home movie.
So the full-on episodic commentary format might not be a good option for the podcast in future.
They flicker around, and the arrangements sound episodic rather than fully formed.

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Sex can no longer be the germ, the seed of fiction. Sex is an episode, most properly conveyed in an episodicmore
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