epigrammatic in a sentence

Example sentences for epigrammatic

He felt this made it sound both strong and epigrammatic.
They are wanting in terse and epigrammatic sayings, and give us the sense of being almost too wise.
Somewhat shyly announcing an epigrammatic or well-chosen phrase.
The first six lines were too fluent, the distinct couplet at the close was too epigrammatic.
He wrote amazingly well with delightfully epigrammatic descriptive powers.
They drink tea and exchange epigrammatic insights as the conflagration begins.
Members of the old guard make their points with stories that end with a punch line or an epigrammatic quotation.
He mixed erudition with epigrammatic wit and colorful vignettes.
The best lawyers know how to be epigrammatic too, not only in their briefs, but also when they stand up to argue.
It was to publish a journal containing the news of the day in a condensed and epigrammatic form.
Another soldier made a pithy and epigrammatic speech.
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