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In fairness, Nehru should be credited with one classic epigram.
There is epigram; but epigram is not multiplied for its own sake.
The difficulty, however, could not be solved by an epigram.
So one might say that the idea of exceptionalism is thoroughly unexceptional, if you'll pardon the epigram.
As reviving as an epigram.
There's only one flavorful epigram in the entire pastiche.
Like a bee or an epigram, all his sting is in his tail.
Faced with the central epigram, I find it both ponderous and contrived.
In a Greek epigram she is described as she who has given birth to.
The epigram by which his name is chiefly known at the present.
His gift for epigram is, indeed, such as to make us long for an occasional stretch of leisurely commonplace.
The epigram is powerful because it is full of meat and short enough to be remembered.
If you understand the epigram, you comprehend what that section is designed to do.
To adapt a hoary but still valid epigram, requirements are far too important to be left to the requirements officers.

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