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Example sentences for epigenetic

Epigenetic markers also serve to predict clinical outcomes.
Unlike the human genome, however, the epigenetic code hasn't been mapped.
Exposure to pollution could cause direct genetic damage or epigenetic changes, which are changes in how genes are expressed.
One form of epigenetic change physically blocks access to the genes by altering what is called the histone code.
For example, it's possible that the damage caused by many cancers is epigenetic.
That's good news, as epigenetic modifications-unlike mutations-are in principle reversible.
It is an increase in epigenetic complexity and a decrease in genetic diversity as measured by point mutations.
It is the symptom of a disease with both genetic and epigenetic components.
There is no shortage of epigenetic questions ripe for probing.
They may also alter gene activity through what are termed epigenetic changes.
My guess is that it is to a large degree epigenetic.
It is believed to have an epigenetic function, regulating other genes by switching them off when necessary.
The other thing that should be considered is the metabolic and epigenetic changes that occur with obesity.
Shorter telomeres actually leads to duplication errors and epigenetic irregularities.
However, the embryo is a starting point from where all manner of environmental and epigenetic factors play their part.
More significantly this hypothesis does not consider the influence of epigenetic factors.
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