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Example sentences for epidemiological

There have been epidemiological studies, which show that people who drink green tea tend to have less chance of developing cancer.
Canine prostate carcinoma: epidemiological evidence of an increased risk in castrated dogs.
No formal epidemiological study was done because the program that included it was replaced due to political conflicts.
The reason for this epidemiological poverty is a matter of speculation.
But now, thanks to old-fashioned epidemiological investigation, sprouts have been definitively named the culprit.
She has taught statistics and conducted large-scale epidemiological studies.
Curiosity is not a behaviour included in current epidemiological models.
Epidemiological investigations are notoriously tricky and it is possible that the full story will never be known.
Epidemiological studies of this sort identify correlations.
In the intervening period, the epidemiological spike that was predicted did not materialise.
Only epidemiological studies were able to show undisputedly what everyone actually knew: that smoking kills.
There's a whole biological and epidemiological strategy that has to be executed.
During the past epidemiological week, a rise in the number of cases of typhoid has been noted.
Direct testing is unethical, and population-wide epidemiological studies are difficult to run.
According to epidemiological studies, that appears to be the case.
Epidemiological studies show frequent marijuana use to be a risk factor for heroin use.
So epidemiological studies should clearly demonstrate vaccine effectiveness or not at this point.
Studies in rats, as well as some epidemiological studies, have linked those compounds to stomach cancer.
Epidemiological studies tell us that about half the risk for addiction is genetic.
One of the concerns noted by three of them, is in regard to the epidemiological studies.
Although they had no direct, mechanistic proof, the epidemiological evidence proved the case far beyond any reasonable doubt.
Show me double blind tests or large scale epidemiological studies.
Epidemiological investigation is a political and industrial tool.
Actually, retrospective epidemiological studies have been done and have not found a difference in rates.
Plenty of epidemiological studies support a link between pollution and compromised lung function.
If there are problems, please show epidemiological data.
Amidst the hubbub surrounding the current pandemic threat from swine flu, an epidemiological mystery has been unfolding.
But epidemiological studies have identified pesticides as a risk factor for the disease.
It is also true that epidemiological studies of the general population appear to reveal immense amounts of untreated depression.
Actually, this kind of social labeling or categorization is important from an epidemiological point of view.
Further comfort is provided by epidemiological data showing no link between cell phones and cancer.
There have been experimental and epidemiological evidences which suggest that this could be the case.
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