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Water stagnating in the holes will shortly add the peril of epidemic disease.
Brill-Zinsser disease is a mild form of epidemic typhus.
Heart disease, alcohol consumption, and tuberculosis are epidemic.
Disaster of this magnitude suggests epidemic disease.
There is an epidemic growning in our culture.
The latest estimate is both good and bad news reflecting the success of drugs and the failure to curb the epidemic.
Various groups have posed possible solutions to the country's obesity epidemic.
In any epidemic, it's always difficult to trace the virus to its source.
It's getting to be an epidemic.
The download epidemic has killed record sales.
Some years later they both died in an influenza epidemic and went to heaven.
Epidemiologists were at a loss to explain the epidemic.
But the interconnected cool, thin displays of the second wave of screens launched an epidemic of writing that continues to swell.
Without quite realizing it, he was driving through an environment that had the makings of an unprecedented epidemic.
It occurred to me that attempting to stop a global epidemic was a reasonable excuse for a so-so batch of corn.
Still, this epidemic has not actually killed many people yet.
To combat the fat, health professionals say that the country must first realise that it is indeed in the grip of an epidemic.
On the face of it, the obesity epidemic in rich countries presents exactly the opposite problem.
Yet this is only the latest, macabre, technique in a country that suffers an epidemic of suicides.
What his critics forget is that this is only a small part of a huge effort to curb the epidemic.
Understanding how the epidemic is spreading is the key to controlling it.
Stir in the intensive marketing of candy and fast food, and you have the makings of an epidemic.
As the new century began, an epidemic of terrorism spread panic around the globe.
With no food or clean water and open wounds, the risk of famine and epidemic diseases was high.
Experts say the obesity epidemic is spreading to children, albeit more slowly than in adults.
The outcry over this epidemic, until recently, has been muted.
Insomnia is at epidemic levels in the developed world.
Most died from epidemic diseases, including the common cold, for which they had no biological defenses.
Vampires weren't something you worried about every night, but when an epidemic came through, such as the plague.
In fact, there is a veritable epidemic of back pain in this country today, and nobody can explain why.
Housing prices are still depressed, foreclosure is still epidemic.
More than nine months after the country's devastating earthquake, a cholera epidemic has sickened thousands.
Diabetes has reached virtually epidemic levels in the modern world.
Agouti viable yellow mice might have something to say about the human obesity epidemic.
Before tests for doping became compulsory and efficient, the use of drugs to enhance performance was epidemic.
Americans know more about food and nutrition than ever, yet obesity is becoming an epidemic.
In spite of what some public health experts predicted, so far there's been no major mad-cow epidemic.
Following two decades of relative calm, the poaching epidemic has returned.
Cases dropped almost immediately, but the epidemic seems already to have been on the wane.
How an ill and angry country is dealing with a devastating epidemic.
My plan would address the nation's fat epidemic equitably and efficiently.
Writing without history has been epidemic for some time now.
It is true that our epidemic requires the involvement of prescribers somewhere.
There seems to be an epidemic of thickness on this question.
But the stark fact is that an epidemic among children today means an epidemic among adults tomorrow.
As our obesity epidemic challenges our healthcare system, our poor information diets are challenging the fabric of our democracy.
It's an epidemic, symptomatic of our thought-thin, blathering age.
Some citizens defended random stores, rare sentries choosing to stand for order against the epidemic disorder.
First, it points to the growing epidemic of diabetes in our country.
It is widely perceived that the problem of uncivil conduct online has reached epidemic proportions.
It's an active, untreated epidemic in other parts of the world.
The tangible consequences of this growing epidemic are staggering.
Researchers say this points to a growing problem with portion size, which has contributed to the current obesity epidemic.
To me, this is nothing less than an outdoor lingerie epidemic.
Fifty-five percent, by any definition, that's epidemic.
The national obesity epidemic did not happen in a vacuum.

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