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It's a while since I've read epic poetry, so it's slow going for now.
Producing an epic has always been a huge risk for Hollywood studios.
There is an epic quality to this contest, a collision of two ultimately incompatible visions of America.
Win or lose you are going to have an epic battle on your hands.
There's nothing special about trying to write an epic poem.
This old-fashioned novel contrasts an epic frontier past with present-day Mexico city.
Birds, butterflies, and beasts take off on epic migrations.
There is a basic conflict between our perception of time and the reality of time which is causing epic confusion in physics.
By now you may have written, or received, one of those epic holiday letters many people still send.
The story behind it is central to the epic struggle of the civil rights movement.
Other faculty members have suffered what, in modern parlance, is called an epic fail during their evaluation.
The installation of more chair-back seats is hardly an epic renovation in the annals of the facilities arms race.
Defense-to-graduation was only a few weeks, so the post-graduation party with family and friends was fairly epic.
We have had epic battles about children at work before on this forum.
The epic, which at this period imposes its form on everything, the epic weighs heavily upon it and stifles it.
It is here, however, that the doubt arises whether the magnificent torso could have been completed on an epic scale.
It is to be indirect and not direct or descriptive or epic.
For this purpose he cast the poem anew, and made such additions as he deemed requisite to give it the epic fulness and perfection.
It felt itself to be differentiated as sharply from the novel as the lyric is differentiated from the epic.
Higher praise there cannot well be, and it is the praise due to epic poetry of the highest order only, and to no other.
Epic material of every sort was run into the ballad mould.
Army ants and termites wage epic battles against each other.
But games do matter, because they spark the imaginations of our children, taking them on epic quests to strange new worlds.
The size of the grains is measured in millionths of a meter, but the romantic journeys of pollen are epic.
During winter, an ascent has all the earmarks of an epic.
Those who survived endured unimaginable hunger, thirst, and brutality-and an epic trek across the unmapped desert to freedom.
What works in epic fantasy doesn't necessarily translate onto the big screen.
But my intent right from the beginning was to do something huge and epic, with a cast of thousands and many different settings.
Feature-length movies in the silent era could run anywhere from six to eight reels, with exceptions for epic productions.
But cellulosic biofuel has so far failed, on an epic scale, to deliver.
It is an epic vision, but one rife with uncertainty.
But the market has seen epic swings, and prices are now falling in many big cities.
Recently a highway collapsed, causing an epic snarl-up.
The euro zone offers scope for contagion, and confusion, on an epic scale.
But the corporate brand is built on the magazine, and the company has not been helped by its epic decline.
His books have been translated into a dozen languages, and his lecture schedule is epic.
And then he moved through time, using the epic novelist's trick of a heroine as old as the century.
He is gregarious, enthusiastic, and nerdy on an epic scale.
The bathos is all mockery, however, and the more epic the track becomes the better the jokes get.
And when enemies attacked, garrisons often withstood epic sieges.
His urge to describe his epic journey more than forty years after its end was a deeply natural one.
But the poet left satirical messages bobbing merrily in bottles, and wrote up the feat as if it had been an epic encounter.
Historical interpretation, however, offers epic opportunities for exploitation and distortion.
He was given nearly complete control over the country's economic policy in the midst of an epic financial collapse.
Diplomacy among pugilists is an art of provoking-not preventing-epic battles.

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