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I'm happy that the movie can give some pleasure to people, but acting is ephemeral.
It makes us appreciate the beauty in all that is ephemeral.
There can be no doubt that this experience is entirely abstract and ephemeral.
Adhering to a diet often proves a tough task with only ephemeral results.
Before we had the record, music was an entirely ephemeral art.
The question disappoints her because the matter is so ephemeral.
Markets are unstable because our emotions are ephemeral or at best unstable.
Serene and ephemeral as a little smiling sun.
It's an ephemeral concept, and it proves nothing.
Electricity is an ephemeral phenomenon.
Almost without exception, it's designed to be ephemeral and site-specific.
Look closer at the colors and compositions found in these ephemeral beauties.
That's partly because many of the region's waterways are ephemeral, and they run underground for the majority of the year.
Since street art is ephemeral, he occasionally issues books filled with photographs of his work, accompanied by his own text.
Capturing those ephemeral images has been a challenge to generations of artists.
They're as ephemeral as yesterday's mashed potatoes, as the old saying goes.
But, as elsewhere in the media, this compendium has increasingly favoured ephemeral stunts.
The second-also severe, but now also looking ephemeral-was last year's collapse in the region's western export markets.
Partnership equity, by contrast, is ephemeral because partners withdraw their stakes after retiring.
Ephemeral gullies are common features on agricultural landscapes.
Ephemeral wetlands are semi-permanent, seasonally flooded areas.

Famous quotes containing the word ephemeral

Time and fevers burn away Individual beauty from Thoughtful children, and the grave Proves the child ephemeralmore
the expending of powers On the flat ephemeral pamphlet and the boring meeting.... more
Reviews and magazines are at best ephemeral & superficial reading. Who thinks of the grand article of last ... more
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