ephemera in a sentence

Example sentences for ephemera

It will either confirm earlier measurements of the axis of evil or show them to be ephemera.
He made collages from pulpy ephemera such as starlet photographs and astronomical maps.
Ephemera from the museum's own collection will also be among the hundreds of items displayed.
By nature, a sweet sensation is more fleeting than lasting, a leap into the ephemera.
While it has its virtues, it mainly offers unreviewed and probably otherwise unpublishable misinformation, trivia and ephemera.
But too many blogs-with their half-digested ideas and slapdash commentary on daily ephemera-show that gatekeepers have their uses.
School inspections, meanwhile, would concentrate more on teaching and less on such ephemera as compliance with safety regulations.
It is the spontaneous expression of instant thought-impermanent beyond even the ephemera of daily journalism.
They write about sports and celebrities, thinking that these ephemera are more interesting than what is happening to the world.
Taken seriously and discussed excitedly for a few weeks, the canard soon disappeared along with the other ephemera of the day.
Use their knowledge from studying the suffrage movement to create modern day election ephemera.
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